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I Have Small Bumps on my Penis Head, What's The Cause? I'm STD Free.

I have small bumps on my penis head and initially thought it was PPP (Pearly Penile Papules) I tried everything from tea tree oil to recommended... READ MORE

Laser Burns. Could Laser Burns Be Caused from to High Energy Output from the Laser?

Could Laser Burns Be Caused from to High Energy Output from the Laser?  READ MORE

What could be the cause of the puffiness on my forehead? (Photo)

Around five years ago, my forehead began to develop a puffiness over about a month. At the time, my primary care doctor thought it might be scar... READ MORE

Can I do anything to remove these bumps on my face? (not acne)

They are hard(ish) nodules, not acne. They are not dis-colored, sore or puss-filled. I'm not sure what to do or what is causing them but the older I... READ MORE

New research, visible light and infrared rays cause photoaging?

I read to lesser extent than UV rays since there energy is less. visible light infrared rays the IRA component which is 30 percent, causes photo aging... READ MORE

Shaving between sessions of VPL laser treatments is causing a stubble effect on my chin and upper lip. Will it go away?

Since shaving the hair on my chin and upper lip it is growing thicker and faster and leaving dark patches and dry skin. I need to shave almost... READ MORE

Can Regenlite Laser cause your eyelid to droop? ptosis?

I had regenlite laser treatment done around my eyes and my right eye feels funny and looks funny because my eyelid is drooping can this laser have... READ MORE

Laser caused fat loss?

I had laser done around my eye area several times with a three week resting period between. In the last week I've lost all volume under my eyes... READ MORE

Some questions about KPRF (red cheeks)?

Some questions I've asked local dermatologists, but none can seem to answer. 1. What causes the redness and flushing? Why are the blood vessels... READ MORE

Can You Get a Fever After a Juvia Treatment?

I had a Juvia treatment 4 days ago, thought I was improving, this morning my face hurt more than ever and have a 100+ degree fever. Is this possible... READ MORE

Why Does my Skin Become Bright Red when I Move It?

Two months ago I decided to get laser treatment on a red patch of skin from a wound that came from a brown spot I tried to remove myself. My skin... READ MORE

Laser Treatment For Thread Vein on Upper Lip Plus Giant Cell Artirises Equals Trigemiamal Neurolgia?

Hi i had laser treatment to my upper lip and then a couple of days later had my first attack of trigemiamal neurolgia i did ask you here if this laser... READ MORE

Steven Wallace NY plastic surgeon said some lasers if not used properly can cause fat loss. How can lasers cause fat loss?

I have lost a ridiculous amount of volume in my face since laser 3 years ago. I started noticing the sudden loss after the swelling went down and it's... READ MORE

LICHEN PLANUS causes? Best treatments/meds? Can it be reversed completely? How and how long does it take? (photos)

Hi. Female, 43. A thin vertical vein-like line on my forehead appeared years ago. 8 months ago started to change color w/ dent (c pics). W/o biopsy, a... READ MORE

I had large vein on temple removed by laser and left 4 small holes. What caused this? (Photo)

It was a bulging vein which is now gone and I am left with an equally unwanted scar. READ MORE

Laser hollowness. Why does it happen?

Why do lasers cause hollowness? I see doctors saying it promotes collagen, when in fact many people complain it made them look hollow?! I understand... READ MORE

Why does my skin have a small stretch mark evenly across my entire face after Laser?

They are aligned just like the zaps from the laser. They are inside beneath the top layer. Will they resolve? Should I be doing something ? Retin A?... READ MORE

Lower Leg & Ankle Swelling Months After Laser & UGS. Is it likely to be permanent or what could be the cause?

I had laser on my legs in August 2016 and then ultrasound guided sclerotherapy in October 2016 for varicose and reticular veins. I now have swelling... READ MORE

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