Burning + Laser Treatment

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Dark Circles Under Eyes: Laser and Juvederm Side Effects

Dark under eyes: One month ago a plastic surgeon used a laser to correct extra blood flow and Juvederm for the hollows. My eyes have been irritated... READ MORE

I Had Laser on my Face 13 Weeks Ago Is It Normal to Still Be Red?

I have small blood vessels on my face and redness after 13 weeks. It still burns a little. Can you get roseca from laser Thank you READ MORE

Can Medlite Aggravate Atopic Dermatitis?

Hi I am Asian, with mild atopic skin, and had medlite laser in Singapore. I was fine for my first & second treatment, but after the third laser,... READ MORE

I need advice for a bad reaction to a laser treatment. What can I do to soothe my skin?

Please help! I had a laser procedure done about 8 months ago and my skin is having a really bad reaction. It burnt my skin, I have tiny scars all over... READ MORE

Skin tightening laser burning. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had Skin Tightening Laser in both inner thighs 4 days ago. Yesterday the pain started harder, can even walk. Many blisters, some of them opened and... READ MORE

New dermatologist believes I will have good with results with lots of sessions at low settings. Is this true? (Photo)

I received 2-3 treatments on individual sunspots with Alex setting on candela Gentlemax. They lightened the first round but not much on 2nd round. On... READ MORE

Got Burn After Lightsheer Laser. Currently Using 99% Aloe Vera Gel. Recommendations? (photo)

I am a Asian girl with medium brown skin. I got burn all over my legs. Will these marks will go away? It was very pain after the treatment. I went... READ MORE

Had 2nd treatment this past Friday. 1st treatment went great, 2nd at different laser w/ higher setting. Any suggestion? (photo)

I went to have laser treatment, this was my second treatment this past friday. Immediately after I felt a burning sensation and swelling. My face felt... READ MORE

2nd session of Laser; I have blister, small crust/hole on my face, and breakout near side lock area. Is this normal? (photo)

Got 2nd session of laser done on face a month back,at first there was burning sensation between eyebrows & later blister & now crust formation, Doctor... READ MORE

Any Specific Lasers That Are Safer to Use with Extremely Sensitive Skin (Burnt?) Under the Eyes?

I want to get laser resurfacing around my eyes for wrinkles, however, I have already had lower blepharoplasty and my skin feels very sensitive and... READ MORE

What takes away discoloration and dark outline after laser treatment for bruising?

I felt severe burning unlike any other time he had used a laser for bruising. The teardrop shape appears raised asif it has fluid under it. READ MORE

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