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Best Laser Treatment for Scars on Dark Ethnic Skin?

Very concerned about the little information on the internet about laser treatment on dark-skin individuals. As an individual who has brown skin, I am... READ MORE

First Degree Burn After Laser Treatment, What Should I Do?

I am 24 years old and had some folliculitis under my stomach and down my bikini line i have brown/ dark skin i had my laser treatment done last week... READ MORE

Is There a Laser Treatment That Can Permanently Burn Away Sebaceous Glands on the Face Eliminating Acne?

I have very oily skin and was interesting in knowing if any of the laser treatments out there are capable of burning away the sebaceous glands on the... READ MORE

After Laser Burn is Dermamelan Good?

I had laser burn 45days back and now i am left post inflametory hyperpigmentation,how can i get rid of it . is using dermamelan safe at this time or... READ MORE

Will eyebrows grow back?

I had a full face BBL Foreveryoung laser treatment to remove dark spots and the therapist accidently burned away on top of my eyebrows. One area is... READ MORE

Laser Burns. Could Laser Burns Be Caused from to High Energy Output from the Laser?

Could Laser Burns Be Caused from to High Energy Output from the Laser?  READ MORE

Laser Treatment Help Burns and Redness Under Eyes?

I realise it was a stupid thing to do now but after lower blepharoplasty I applied boiled salty water to my stitches. I have been left with red marks... READ MORE

Burned in laser appointment. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi, I had my last laser appointment on Friday I never had any problem before but apparently the person who carry on with the treatment forgot to... READ MORE

Burns and Dents After Aura Laser Treatment

I am 41 years old, and 10 days ago, I had a 15-minute Aura Laser Treatment for a few small broken capillaries around my nose. I was left with second... READ MORE

After Laser Sitting I Have Burn Marks.

Hi i underwent a laser sitting yesterday and found a kinda burn in those areas. The laser therapist was dogging saying that it was normal. However i... READ MORE

Skin was Burned from Laser Treatment to the Face, Could this Leave Permanent Scarring?

Hi, I have going through laser Treatment where first 2 session was good & i have not found any problem with the skin but last session which i had... READ MORE

How Can I a Repair Laser Burned Face?

My face was burned by laser treatment.Unlike in the past where I had different doctors my face felt like it was on fire. The areas of my face she... READ MORE

Laser Burns Last on my Face for 7 Month What to Do Please !?

Hello im 23 years old , male I have that large dark spot on my cheeks (both sides) it look like a map and I have did everything to make it fade away... READ MORE

Laser Burn : I Had a Laser Treatment in December 2010 and Was Burnt on One Arm Quite Badly, What Are My Options?

Laser burn : I had a laser treatment in December 2010 and was burnt on one arm quite badly - painful, peeled skin etc. I put vitamin e oil, aloe vera... READ MORE

Do Cosmetic Lasers Penetrate Through the Dermis? Isn't This Where Second Degree Burns Occur?

I'm reading that lasers don't go that deep, yet sebaceous glands, hair follicles, etc...are located in the dermis level. According to burn... READ MORE

Are Burns and Blisters from XPL Laser Considered "Normal"?

I had XPL on my hands and face five days ago to remove pigmentation. Face appears to be reacting correctly, but I have blistering burns on my hands.... READ MORE

I Have Dark Burn Marks After Getting Laser, I Dont Know What to Use for the Marks?

It had been two Months, i am using mederma, aloe vera,coco butter and other products and the marks still there. I showed the burns to the lady that... READ MORE

Can Hydroquinone Be Used on Healing Scabs After Burn?

I was burned from a laser treatment and received some nasty blistering as a result. The blisters are now scabbing. Could I use hydroquinone on the... READ MORE

Can There be Under Skin Damage?

A laser tech got annoyed when I asked her to go over spots she missed and held down the gun on several spots approximately 4 seconds each, causing... READ MORE

How can I removed red skin caused by apple cider vinegar which is now a really bad chemical burn?

Its been a month and a half since i caused it and its still completely red, what could i do? chemical peel, bleach skin? i put a q-tip with apple... READ MORE

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