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Laser Treatment on Dog Ear Incision After Mole Removal?

I have recently had two moles removed a month ago, one on my lower breast and one on my back. Each is about a half inch long and thick as a normal... READ MORE

How Much Would It Cost to Treat 7 Stretch Marks with the Excimer Laser on the Breast?

Or if its too expensif, is it lessexpensif the less you treat stretch marks, if i treat only 4 stretch marks is it gonna be cheaper, or its the same... READ MORE

What is the best skin treatment for scars on the breast by the aerola? Is there a laser treatment or dermabrasion?

I'm a female woman in my 20s with size 34G breasts. I'd like to get a breast reduction in a year or so, but I have another problem. The pores... READ MORE

Can a laser used to treat breast lift scar do any damage?

Any risk involved with lasers? Will it help scar or vascularization? Will it damage skin or incision line further? Will it thin my skin? Will veins recur? READ MORE

What type of laser treatment would be best for my stretch marks and surgery scars? (photo)

It has been 9 years since I had my child. My marks have lightened tremendously, however I have thought of resurfacing and laser techniques to fade... READ MORE

Can laser dark spot removal be used on breasts? (Photo)

I have dark spots on my breasts that I believe is the result of ingrown hairs. Some of the spots are raised as you will see in the pictures. What... READ MORE

Are there any risks with lasers for breast lift scars?

I have thickened white scar on my L breast, theres a ridge around my aerola where perm suture was placed. Had periaerolar mastopexy & implants. The... READ MORE

Do Laser Treatments Really Work for Stretch Marks?

If laser treatments really work for stretch marks, how many treatments will it take? I have two babies, and due to my pregnancy, I have gotton... READ MORE

Are There Any Laser Skin Treatments for Breasts?

After having my son and breastfeeding, my breasts developed some stretch marks on the skin right by my cleavage. I am wondering if there are any Laser... READ MORE

Will Laser Tightening Work for Lines on Breasts?

My wife and I have noticed that when she is laying flat on her back her breasts have a small amount of wrinkly skin on them. When upright, they hang... READ MORE

Best type of laser for surgical scar treatment; Erbium/Sciton resurfacing, Fraxel, PDL, Intracel RF? (photos)

Hi, I am desperate to reduce the appearance of failed breast surgery scars in my armpits. I tried several treatments (except for Fraxel -is it... READ MORE

Laser Treatment and Pregnancy

Hello. Can a woman with implants make a laser treatment on the breasts? Can I treat my clients in case I am pregnant? Could I use any... READ MORE

What is the best Laser Treatment to use to fade/get rid of stretch marks after breast surgery?

I had breast surgery about 3 months ago and i now have little red stretch marks on the inside and outside of my breasts. I have been using bio oil but... READ MORE

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