Blister + Laser Treatment

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Worried About Laser and Facial Blistering- Will It Go Away? (photo)

I am a medium skin African American and had my second laser treatment on my face to remove discoloration. That same evening I had severer blistering... READ MORE

I Had Broken Capillaries on my Face Zapped with a Laser Yesterday. What Should my Face Look Like One Day After Treatment?

Several of the areas treated are bumpy. And some of them blistered. It looks like I've been stung by bees. Is this normal and if so, when will the... READ MORE

Laser Treatment For Broken Capillaries and A Large Blister Formed and Popped, Leaving a Red Mark?

I had laser treatment to remove broken capillaries around my nose. One on the tip of my nose where a rather large blister formed and popped leaving a... READ MORE

I still have bruising and scarring 3.5 months after laser treatment for spider veins on my legs. Any suggestions?

Hello, I had treatment done 3.5 months ago. I had 3 blisters that have now turned into stubborn scars. I also STILL have bruising (2 clusters) in... READ MORE

I've had several non ablative lasers to my facial area, and bumps have appeared. Could it be a side effect? (Photo)

I noticed a red bump that actually appears to look like some sort of blister that popped. It was not there last night when I went to bed. I know this... READ MORE

Burned in laser appointment. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi, I had my last laser appointment on Friday I never had any problem before but apparently the person who carry on with the treatment forgot to... READ MORE

Blisters after ruby laser for freckles?

1 week ago I had treatment with the alexandrite laser for freckles across my cheeks after carrying out a successful patch test before. The treated... READ MORE

Deep in the skin have red pigmentation - what is the best way to clear this? (photos)

It's been treated several times by yag laser 1064. It's gotten better through such treatments but the treatments always result in my skin blistering... READ MORE

Blistering After VariLite Treatment; Is This Normal? (photo)

Thursday afternoon I had a VariLite treatment for 1 brown spot and some broken blood vessels on my chin and nose. The brown spot and my chin both... READ MORE

Are Burns and Blisters from XPL Laser Considered "Normal"?

I had XPL on my hands and face five days ago to remove pigmentation. Face appears to be reacting correctly, but I have blistering burns on my hands.... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use Zyclara on a Chest Blister to Prevent Keloids?

I got the Palomar Lux G to treat the redness left by my chest keloids. I usually get cortisone treatments to flatten them as well. A blister formed... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for spider veins left blisters and bruises? (photos)

Hello, I had laser treatment for spider veins 4 months ago. I am attaching pictures of the problem, per Dr. Elmer's suggestion. I had 3 blisters that... READ MORE

I had laser treatment on my lip a few years ago and its left a raised lump, like a blister.

I'm having laser again tomorrow as its what the hospital suggested will get rid of it. Please could you reply asap with what you think?  READ MORE

2nd session of Laser; I have blister, small crust/hole on my face, and breakout near side lock area. Is this normal? (photo)

Got 2nd session of laser done on face a month back,at first there was burning sensation between eyebrows & later blister & now crust formation, Doctor... READ MORE

I have blisters the day after KTP laser on facial telangiectasias. Please advise on proper care so I can avoid scarring.

Also, how long should I wait for round 2 on the same telangiectasias? Is blistering common? What should I expect in the next few weeks as far as... READ MORE

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