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Laser Treatment on Dog Ear Incision After Mole Removal?

I have recently had two moles removed a month ago, one on my lower breast and one on my back. Each is about a half inch long and thick as a normal... READ MORE

Laser Treatments for surgery incision on my back?

I recently had back surgery and have a fairly large scar down the center of my back. My question is... How long do I need to wait until it is safe to... READ MORE

What laser treatment is best to treat post inflammatory hyperigmentation marks from acne?

I have years of accumulation of hyperpigmentation marks on my back and face and have finally had enough. Ive been to many dermatologists and tried all... READ MORE

What are the best lasers for treating acne scars (some depressed and some flush with skin) on the chest, shoulders, and back?

I have had some cosmetic surgeons say that laser would not be useful in my case. However, my dermatologist, who also does cosmetic work, seems to... READ MORE

I am 19 years old and I was looking into procedures that can remove dark marks on my face, chest, and back. (Photo)

It's more of old acne marks. I have tried all types of creams, soaps, topical treatments, home remedies and everything. My dermatologist suggested to... READ MORE

Acne spots and scars on body, which laser or treatment is best to get rid?

I've had acne spots on my back and shoulders, and I've tried certain things to get rid of them but it won't work. Would a laser treatment be able to... READ MORE

Can I get laser treatment on a large patch of discoloration on my back?

Since I was 10 I noticed there was a huge brown patch forming on my lower back, with freckles leading to my upper thigh. I googled and nobody seems to... READ MORE

Best Laser for Wrinkling or Crepiness on the Arms and Legs?

I have old sun damage. I am 50. My face looks younger from CO2 Laser, but my hand, arms, legs, and upper back look old. What laser treatment do you... READ MORE

Can the dark tinea versicolor spots on my back and chest be removed with a laser?

I am an African American and I have tinea versicolor dark spots on my chest and back. I was wondering if laser treatments can help remove the tinea... READ MORE

How can my chest/back keloid scars be treated? (photo)

I have been undergoing a series of injections to flatten our the keloid scars. I am looking for some kind of treatment options to improve the look of... READ MORE

How can you clear blemishes on the face from Lupus? (photos)

I broke out in this rash on my face, knees, arms, legs and back several months ago. The doctors suspected Lupus and suggested a Rheumatologist. READ MORE

Can laser get rid of back creases? (Photo)

I've always had back rolls for as long as I can remember. I'm losing weight and although my back rolls are essentially gone, the creases are there... READ MORE

Red spots on the back after laser treatment, is this an allergic reaction?

Ive had laser treatment carried out on my full body and each time i have no reaction apart from on my back. My back/shoulder hair is very fine but... READ MORE

Suspicious macular amyloidosis (black patches on my back)

Dear doctors, am writing to u and amvery depressrd. I've been suffering from black patches on my back since 2007. And each year is extending much more... READ MORE

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