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Prolonged Swelling After Laser Treatment

I am a 42 year old Asian woman and I had full facial MicroLaser Peel (20 micron depth) and 20% ProFractional Laser Resurfacing (200 micron depth) a... READ MORE

Liver Spot Laser Treatment

Hello doctors. My mother, who is 61 years of age has a few age spots/liver spots on her face. There is one, under her eye, about the size of a dime... READ MORE

Laser Treatment or Product for Large Pores and Orange Peel Skin?

I've tried so many different products and treatments now. So far: 3 treatments of Fraxel, 4 treatments of Laser Genesis, microdermabrasion, Obagi, 0... READ MORE

Most Effective Laser Treatment for Keloid Scarring on Chest?

I've received 8 treatments of 5FU injections into the keloids. The keloids have responded well, as in they have reduced and not regrown. I also... READ MORE

Is Laser Treatment Advisable for my Old Brown Scars on my Legs?

I am Asian and I have these ligh to dark brown scars on both of my legs. I had them since I was little from chicken pox or from mosquito or ant bites.... READ MORE

Broken Facial Capillaries

I am a 32 yr old asian woman and have significant broken capillaries and redness around my nose. I would like to get this treated with laser therapy;... READ MORE

What would you recommend for a cure for Post-Inflammatory Hyper pigmentation after facial laser treatment?

I'm a 47 Asian woman w/ freckles & melasma. Had Accolade Q-witched Alexandrite 755nm 1.5 months ago. Found all treated skin seriously darkened when... READ MORE

Best laser treatment for Ethnic skin with brown spots?

I'm Japanese-American who spent time in the sun. I'm in my 50s with fairly good skin tone except for brown spots that I would like to remove. I did... READ MORE

Spots are appearing after BBL laser

I have just done bbl laser 3days ago for my broken capillaries and was recommended on a lower setting since I have Asian skin that tends to tan easily... READ MORE

What do I expect after acne laser treatment? (photo)

Do i need to wear sunscreen right after the procedure is done? If so how do I wash it off if I cannot wash my face after the procedure( I heard you... READ MORE

Which laser is best for boxcar and ice pick scars?

I am southeast Asian and have boxcar and ice pick acne scars. I want to get rid of them before my wedding (in five months!) so need something that is... READ MORE

Q-switched Nd Yag for Freckles Aftercare and Recovery Time

I am considering undergoing a treatment using the Q-Switched nd Yag laser for my freckles as recommended by my dermatologist. I am half Chinese half... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Blemishes on Asian Skin?

I'm a 35 year old Asian female considering cosmetic procedure. I'm a skin type 4. I have old and new blemishes problem. My old blemishes have turned... READ MORE

CO2 Laser for Asian Skin with Melasma?

Hi, I was diagnosed as having a melasma by a dermatologist. He suggested for me to have a CO2 laser. Would this work on my type of skin? I am of an... READ MORE

Chances of Hypopigmentation from Laser on Dark Asian Skin?

I'm Asian and wanted to have laser treatment to remove acne scars. Because I'm dark-skinned Asian, what are my chances of having my face being... READ MORE

How To Treat Sun Pigmentation Damage on Cheeks of Asian Skin?

I have tried ipl which helped at first but now is getting worse i am protecting my face with environ spf15 from further sun damage What other form of... READ MORE

Do you need to 'prep' skin with retinols and pigment lightners (hydroquinone) before doing clear & brilliant laser?

I am of Asian ethnicity and have melasma under eyes / sun spots on cheeks and am consodering clear and brilliant laser since i was told ot is safer... READ MORE

Which laser treatment is the best for South Asian (Pakistani/ wheatish) skin tone to treat mild acne scar and hyperpigmentation?

I have wheatish skin tone and have boxcar scars on the cheeks and forehead. Also alot of acne marks all over the face. I am interested in doing these... READ MORE

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