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Removal of pinpoint red spots on the skin (petechiae). Will laser treatment help?

I have always have pinpoint red spots on my skin (the dermatologist told me they were hereditary). I now have a larger number of them on my arms and... READ MORE

Is post laser hypopigmentation permanent? (Photo)

After laser treatment I noticed light scabing on my arm which eventually healed and turned to these whir spots. It's been about 3 monthes. I would... READ MORE

Best laser to remove sun spots on legs and arms? (Photo)

I'm 45 years old, caucasian, green eyes. I was an avid tanner/ tanning bed user in my late teens and 20s. About three years ago I started getting... READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Scars After Arm Lift?

Unfortunately, my brachioplasty scars immediately "migrated" post-op to mid center down the back of each arm. They're very visible even a... READ MORE

Crepey skin on inside of upper arms. Which procedure would truly help eradicate this condition?

I have creypey skin on the inside of my arms, but only when I hold my arms in a certain position. I am thin, and have no batwings (yet) so I am... READ MORE

Is there a laser or other procedure that I can do to help with enlarged pores and crepe like skin on arms and legs? (photo)

I am fifty years old with very dry skin. I have had Thermage, Ulthera, and Thermi Cool on my face. My arms (forearms especially) now have enlarged... READ MORE

Is ClearLift a good choice for skin tightening?

ClearLift laser, does it work well for skin tightening of the neck, back of arms and abdomen? Would it work well on fine lines and wrinkles? READ MORE

Best treatment for prematurely aging arms and hands? (photos)

I'm 34 years old and spent way to much time in real and artificial sun in my younger years. My arms and hands now look significantly aged with crepey... READ MORE

How to remove dark spots on legs and arms? (photos)

I have dark spots on my legs and arms , it hurts me seeing other ladies wearing short clothes because I can not, what can I use to remove them. I had... READ MORE

Can I get laser freckle removal on my arms? How old do you have to be to get laser freckle removal?

I have freckles on both my arms and face. I've noticed most people only get this surgery done on their face though. I am still pretty young, but I... READ MORE

Laser treatment burnt my lower arms - am I going to have scars? Is this severe? (photos)

I got burnt by laser treatment. Technician lowered one level of heat but I got tan from a trip to Miami end of May and walking around in the sun that... READ MORE

I am fit and trim (not too thin) and my arms are very crepey. Is there anything to help this? (photo)

I won't even wear short sleeves or shorts anymore. I am very active and live in Southern California where it looks strange that I wear capri tights... READ MORE

Biggest mistake in my life: 6 laser Sessions later - scars. (photo)

When my daughter was 1 year old. I got a tattoo with her Name on my right under inner arm. Tattoo was horrible. 2 months ago, after 3 years, because... READ MORE

Any answers to why my the skin on the back of my arms looks mottled? Its gotten worse as I have gotten older. (photos)

28 y/o F. I am wondering if there is a laser that will help with this? Maybe constrict the vessels? Is it hopeful wishing? Am I out of luck? I am half... READ MORE

Best Laser for Wrinkling or Crepiness on the Arms and Legs?

I have old sun damage. I am 50. My face looks younger from CO2 Laser, but my hand, arms, legs, and upper back look old. What laser treatment do you... READ MORE

ePrime for crepey arms and legs? (Photo)

I met with my dermatologist to see if anything would help with severe crepey, wrinkly skin on my legs and arms due to years and hours of sun... READ MORE

Can Laser Treatments Substitute Arm Lift Surgery?

I see a lot of ads for the laser treatments stating that a surgical arm lift can be avoided by these treatments. The advantage for me would be paying... READ MORE

Is there any surgical or laser treatment that can remove excess sagging skin on elbows, lower arms and lower legs?

Is there any surgical or laser treatment that can remove excess sagging skin around the elbows and slightly crepey skin around the arms from the elbow... READ MORE

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