Age 55-64 + Laser Treatment

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Liver Spot Laser Treatment

Hello doctors. My mother, who is 61 years of age has a few age spots/liver spots on her face. There is one, under her eye, about the size of a dime... READ MORE

Fractional Laser or Dermabrasion for Chin and Upper Lip Lines?

I am 64. I used to use Retin-A with great success for lines on chin. In recent years, it doesn't correct deep lines in chin and now starting to get... READ MORE

Removal of pinpoint red spots on the skin (petechiae). Will laser treatment help?

I have always have pinpoint red spots on my skin (the dermatologist told me they were hereditary). I now have a larger number of them on my arms and... READ MORE

Which Laser is Best for Neck Tightening with Minimal Downtime?

I am 55 years old, and I want to have some skin tightening on the face and neck. I'm told that with Fraxel Repair, I could be out 9 days. Are there... READ MORE

63 and Look Great but Severe Lip and Chin Wrinkles. Non-surgical options other than injections?

I am 63 and look great except the severe wrinkling around my mouth and chin make me very self conscious. is there a safe non invasive way to treat... READ MORE

Treatment options for various problems under my eyes. Syringoma, prominent blue vein, puffy eye bags, skin texture. (Photo)

I am 63, Hypothyroid & have under eye issues. I think the bumps are Syringoma, and multiply quite rapidly. I have a very prominent varicose type blue... READ MORE

Considering regenlite treatments for wrinkles. Is this more/less effective than thermi-RF, fillers, and blepharoplasty? (Photo)

I am 59 years old and have sun damage after younger years in the sun and middle age in a tanning bed. I am physically impaired due to debilitating... READ MORE

Is there any non-surgical procedure (such as RF, ultrasound, laser) that can restore volume around the lips without fillers?

I am 58. I have lost volume around my mouth resulting in small wrinkles and puckering. My skin is not sagging in my lower face. (I had a facelift in... READ MORE

FX Laser Causing Cystic Acne

I had an FX laser 10 days ago. I am 63 years old and take excellent care of my skin but wanted tightening of skin/pores, remove sun spots and... READ MORE

Which laser treatment would be best for a 61 year old with significant wrinkling of upper lip and laugh-lines? (Photo)

I also have two dilated pores on upper lip and wrinkling from heredity, age, and losing 120lbs. READ MORE

I'm 60 and am considering noninvasive procedures such as laser to firm my skin in neck and face areas.

My research has been mixed. Can you tell me how to choose which type of laser to consider? I've always had very good skin, but find the turkey neck an... READ MORE

Laser treatment for pigmentation and vein under eye. Sensitive skin which heals slowly and sometimes scars when I burn myself. (

I am 62 and from the UK. I have booked for laser treatments for the pigmentation and blue vein to be removed from under my eye. The first treatment is... READ MORE

What is the best laser treatment for a 61 yr old with wrinkles?

Minimal sun dMage but plenty of fine lines and sagging. Is ablative best? Is so what are the best systems these days? READ MORE

Acne scarring. Will a laser treatment help?

63 years of age. I had a full facial dermabrasion, 25 years ago . Brutal. The doctor and I agreed that there was only 10% improvement. I have saucer... READ MORE

Cost for ProFractional Laser in Maryland?

I'm 58 have light-med skin & some acne scaring. I have never done any type of laser or face peel. I'm in Maryland, the price range seems to be... READ MORE

Is Juvia Recommended for Slow Healing Patient?

Do you recommend Juvia when you know your skin does not heal very well? I'm 62 years old and my skin bruises easily and heals very very slowly.... READ MORE

Vertical lip lines for a 59 year old, how to get rid of them?

How do do you get rid of vertical lip lines, is laser the best way, Iv'e had 3 FX laser tx and there still on my lip area. If laser is than what laser... READ MORE

Is laser treatment a good option for the removal of skin on nose? (Photo)

I asked a plastic surgeon about a "nose job" to reduce the size of my nose and he recommended laser treatments to remove skin that normally builds up... READ MORE

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