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Which Resurfacing Laser Works Best on Dark Skin Types?

Which laser skin treatment works best for resurfacing dark skin types with minimal down time? READ MORE

Worried About Laser and Facial Blistering- Will It Go Away? (photo)

I am a medium skin African American and had my second laser treatment on my face to remove discoloration. That same evening I had severer blistering... READ MORE

Light Skin African American with Freckles. Skin Type 5, Northern Virginia. How Do I Get Rid Of These?

I've had freckles all my life due to frequent sun damages (playing out without sunscreen). I learned my lesson. I know wear sunscreen but I really... READ MORE

Best Laser Treatment for African-Americans

Which laser treatment works best for African-Americans with stretch marks? Pixel, Fraxel, IPL? READ MORE

What's the best treatament for Sebaceous hyperplasia? I have dark skin

I have sebaceous hyperplasia mostly on my nose/chin and I have dark skin (African American) and I've tried accutane, retin-a, electrocautery, radio... READ MORE

Could laser treatment or microdermabrasion restore pigmentation and reduce the scarring on toes of an African American? (Photo)

After years of wearing poorly fitted shoes I have hideous scars/bumps on my toes that lack pigmentation. I use makeup to conceal but I need a... READ MORE

What can I do about my hyperpigmentation all over my legs? (photos)

I've had hyperpigmentation ever since I can remember when I was growing up I never wore shorts or skirts bec it was so embarrassing it's mostly on the... READ MORE

What laser or surgery options are available to help lighten or remove these freckles?

I am an African American woman, I currently have brownish spots on my bottom lip. I've had them since I was a child. I went to the dermatologist and... READ MORE

I tried creams from my dermatologist for pigmentation and I always get it back, is there a permanent solution for m?

I am 44 years old African lady. I also tried Obagi but it is expensive. Can laser work for me? Is there a permanent solution? READ MORE

What would be the best under eye laser treatment for African Americans?

I have deep dark skin with some fine lines under my eyes and tear troughs which have become more pronounced after weight loss. What laser treatment... READ MORE

Stretch Mark Removal/Fading For African Americans (Photos)

I am a Black female who would like to fade/remove stretchmarks on my butt and thigh area. I've had them since I was 8 and my sisters jokingly call me... READ MORE

Can the dark tinea versicolor spots on my back and chest be removed with a laser?

I am an African American and I have tinea versicolor dark spots on my chest and back. I was wondering if laser treatments can help remove the tinea... READ MORE

How Will Fractional Laser Affect Black or Dark Skin?

I have been told by one plastic surgeon that was out of town that I am a candidate but would need 3 Fractionated treatments in just a couple of days. READ MORE

Laser Treatment for Light-skinned African-Americans?

I'm a light-skinned African American. I had laser treatment and it damaged my skin. Was it the technician or the process? READ MORE

Is the Alma Fluorescence Technology (AFT) laser for reducing age and sun spots safe for American American skin? (Photo)

This procedure and technique was recommended to me by med spa staff for reducing my facial discoloration and spots because it had less risk compared... READ MORE

I'm seeking a Dr. or Esthetician that offers the Spectra Laser for acne in Dallas, Tx or somewhere in Tx. I'm African American.

Skin Type: African American Condition: Acne with some hyper-pigmentation Solution: I've consulted and met with a Doctor in California who recommended... READ MORE

African American laser treatment in the Atlanta area?

Are there any surgeons or dermatologists who perform laser treatment on African Americans in the Atlanta area? I would like to try the QS CO2 laser or... READ MORE

Is full body skin laser surgery optional for black women? Where?

Hi, I am interested in full body laser skin whitening. I am African American, so a doctor in this level of expertise would be nice. I've searched the... READ MORE

How much does dark spot removal laser surgery cost for full body?

I am a dark skinned woman African American and I have dark spots all over my body I also have discoloration. I have had this for years now and I... READ MORE

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