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Will Laser Skin Tighten Help My Abdomen After Kids? (photo)

Hi, i'm almost to my ideal weight( pre babies) my stomach keeps looking worse. I have this wrinkle skin above my belly button. I have twin boys... READ MORE

Will Yag or Yolo Curve Get Rid of Wrinkles/loose Skin on my Stomach?

I am 44 and after 5 children have the WORST looking stomach. i went for a consult with a dr that uses 'yolo curve' $2500 for 6 sessions and he... READ MORE

Non-surgical Options to Get Rid of Excess Skin on the Abdomen?

I have excess skin in my abdomen area as a result of 2 pregnancies. What is the best option to minimize this without surgery? Would Accent XL be a... READ MORE

Is ClearLift a good choice for skin tightening?

ClearLift laser, does it work well for skin tightening of the neck, back of arms and abdomen? Would it work well on fine lines and wrinkles? READ MORE

I am looking for a laser treatment to help with Hemosiderin. (photo)

I am 2.5 months out of my lipo surgery and have terrible "Iorn stains" or better known as Hemosiderin all over my abdomen. I was told treatment for... READ MORE

Is there a laser therapy that can help with loose skin/wrinkled skin as well as stretch marks? (photos)

I provided my front view of abdomen, after significant weight loss/3 pregnancies. The wrinkles crease from the old stretch marks (a lot of them). I am... READ MORE

Will laser tummy treatments be a good option for me? (Photo)

Will the laser tummy treatments be a good option for me? I am 2 and a half years pp with twins. I weight 115 pounds and have done cardiovascular core... READ MORE

Laser for Abd Tightening and and For Fat Loss?

Laser for general stomach tightening? How successful is this in women, say 50-70 years of age? READ MORE

Thoughts on IntraGen?

My Dr is getting a IntraGen machine next week and suggest I get a treatment to help with some lax skin on my abdomen after the lipo I had about 6... READ MORE

Best laser for skin tightening on abdomen after children? Is it a 1-time session or are multiple needed. (photos)

I have 3 kids, 33 years old. 5'4 and 111 lbs. I work out. I know different offices have different lasers so I want to do my research. I am hard to... READ MORE

What's the time frame for any laser treatment after a tummy tuck?

My friehad a tummy tuck two months ago, the has been getting stretch marks on her abdomen, she is considering laser treatment for those marks. How... READ MORE

Best Laser for Deep Chest Lines and Wrinkles Across Abdomen?

What's the best laser treatment for deep vertical chest lines and horizontal wrinkles across abdomen from loss of firmness? I am 38 years old and in... READ MORE

Can I receive radiofrequency, laser, or ultrasound treatments with titanium clips inside me?

Can I receive Viora Reaction (radiofrequency, laser, or ultrasound) treatments for the abdomen a year after a Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy with... READ MORE

Which laser procedure would be best to tighten the skin on my abdomen? I'm 26 y/o, African-American, 120 lbs. (photos)

I'm completely against having a tummy tuck because I usually develop hypertrophic or keloid scars. I have been shedding pounds since my daughter's... READ MORE

Laser Treatment to Help with Pox Marks?

Hi, i had pox about a year ago and the marks on my abdomen and back had not disappeared and i would like to know if laser surgery would help? READ MORE

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