2 Weeks Post-op + Laser Treatment

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Medlite C6 Laser Treatment-How to Correct the Damage It Caused?

I had a Medlite C6 laser treatment 2 weeks ago and now my sun damage is worse than before. I had one treatment on my chest for light sun damage (I had... READ MORE

Will my laser burn scar go away? (Photo)

I removed my 2 flat moles by normal laser treatment. It burned my moles and after a while they fell off themselves. However, I have got burn marks and... READ MORE

Will a dent on my forehead due to laser treatments heal?

I had laser treatments done on my face two weeks ago. The doctor removed my brown spot and a tiny mold on my face. 10 days later, my scabs fell off... READ MORE

Can these be fixed or is this normal? Just had 5 boxcar scars excised 2 weeks ago. (photos)

They are much deeper and wider then they were before. The doctor had me come in and do Starlux laser and said to come get filler tomorrow. I was told... READ MORE

Laser capillaries treatment, 15 days post, will this yellowish color disappear? (photos)

Hi I had capillaries laser treatment on my face, with yellow laser QuadroStarPRO. After the treatment, treated areas on face were red, mixed with some... READ MORE

Is laser treatment good for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation on legs?

Hello, I have some brown/red marks on my legs which resulted from folliculitis and improper hair plucking. I decided to try laser for my marks and my... READ MORE

I had Q switched laser because of small brown spots on my face and the spots have become darker. What should I do?

I have done q switched laser before 2 weeks on face because of small small brown spots on my face . after q switched laser brown spots become more... READ MORE

How to remove discoloration after laser as soon as possible?

2 weeks ago, I removed spots on my face by laser. Since 7th day, I didn't protect because he didn't give me any instruction. I thought that the... READ MORE

Had DOT Two Weeks Ago and Lines Around Mouth Are Deeper. What to Do????

Two weeks after DOT treatment Marionett lines are deeper-really deeper after two weeks of pain, sluffing and looking very red. I have heard people say... READ MORE

Bruising developed 2 weeks after broken blood vessel treatment on face. Is that normal?

I had a broken blood vessels on my face under my eye. I had 1 laser treatment done and 2 weeks later it didn't work so they used the Hyfercader on the... READ MORE

Laser on healing wound?

I did laser 2 weeks ago on wart removal on nose.yesterday by another doctor treating my broken capillaries around nose she mistakenly lasered again... READ MORE

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