1 Week Post-op + Laser Treatment

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I Had Dark Freckles Lasered off with a Q Switch Laser, and They Aren't Gone Yet?

I am fair skinned with a few dark particular freckles that I had removed. The dermatologist used a Q Switch laser. After the treatment, I noticed my... READ MORE

Prolonged Swelling After Laser Treatment

I am a 42 year old Asian woman and I had full facial MicroLaser Peel (20 micron depth) and 20% ProFractional Laser Resurfacing (200 micron depth) a... READ MORE

First Degree Burn After Laser Treatment, What Should I Do?

I am 24 years old and had some folliculitis under my stomach and down my bikini line i have brown/ dark skin i had my laser treatment done last week... READ MORE

Aha and Bha cream- could be used after laser treatment? (photos)

I had laser treatment for freckles five days ago. can i use aha and bha cream (filorga sleep and peel) after laser treatment for freckles (after... READ MORE

I had my q-switch freckles laser treatment done 5 days ago. My skin peeled, and now it's pink for 3 days. Is it normal? (Photo)

I have my q switched freckles laser treatment done from 5 days my skin peeled ,and now it's pink for 3 days is it normal ? and what should I do at... READ MORE

5 days post BBL. Bring pink skin after large brown patches came off. (photo)

I had an BBL treatment 5 days ago. Big brown dusty scabs formed on my chin. They have peeled off now leaven bring pink patches. I look like a zebra.... READ MORE

Burn after Candela Alexandrite Lazer treatment. What are my treatment options? (photos)

I made Candela Alexandrite Lazer treatment 5 days ago and I have terrible burn. My doctor said that she made the treatment on 14 charge. She was also... READ MORE

Would the scar on my face continue to improve for the next few months after having an erbium laser treatment? (Photo)

I had an erbium laser done a week ago, but I did not see much improvement after the treatment. I noticed the scarring is less visible 2 days after... READ MORE

Can I use Glycolic or Vitamin A after Contour Skin Resurfacing Laser? (photos)

10 days ago I had a Limelight Laser done. 5 days later I had the Contour Skin Resurfacing. I am 6 days post treatment and still using Aquaphor daily... READ MORE

I suffer from the back of neck razor bumps

I suffer from behind the neck razor bumps and I received laser treatment about 6 days ago and it doesn't seem to be getting better... I also purchased... READ MORE

What exactly is supposed to happen after a Q-switch laser treatment? I was told that a scab should form but it hasn't happened.

I had a q switch laser treatment for a spot on my lip. It was swollen for the first day and a half and then it went back to normal. I was told a scab... READ MORE

Omnilux - Will It Damage Eyesight? I Was Very Sensitive To The Light During Treatment, Is This Normal?

I've purchased a series of omnilux light treatments. I had the first one a week ago. I had two strips of gauze rested on top of my eyes, and then... READ MORE

Scabbing after laser treatment for broken capillaries on nose

I am quite worried. I had lasering with the Cynosure Apogree Elite done a week ago on the sides of my nose and on my chin. The left side of my nose... READ MORE

BBL - no "coffee ground" effect. Did it work?

I had the BBL on my neck and chest 5 days ago. I don't see any change to either area, there are no darker spots of pigment (no coffee-ground effect).... READ MORE

5 days post op dark circles laser treatment, why is it all purple and looks bruised? (photos)

I got a laser treatment done for dark circles 5 days ago? It looks like it's bruised and my skin is peeling which was expected but why is it all... READ MORE

My face is swollen 7 days after laser treatment to remove pigmentation. Is it going to get worse? (Photo)

After my 6th fortnightly session the laser was turned higher as no fading had occurred . My face was ok for a few days but then began to burn more and... READ MORE

How Much Time Does It Take for my Scar to Be Healed After Laser Treatment?

It's 8 days that I had laser treatment on a small scar above my upper lip and I don't know what type of laser the doctor used but now my scar... READ MORE

I waxed my side burns before laser and now the skin is hard and bumpy. What should I do? (Photo)

I waxed my sideburns a week before laser treatment. Now 5 days later my face is still swollen and the skin on my side burns are hard and bumpy. Im... READ MORE

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