Laser Surgery Videos

Oxygenetix: Breathable Foundation To Wear After Your Surgery or Treatment

Emily de St. Pierre, a medical aesthetician at Dr. Kent Hasen's office, explains the benefits of Oxygenetix foundation to safely help camouflage and conceal on every skin type, even recovering post-procedural skin or sensitive skin. VIEW NOW

Non-Surgical Laser Eyelid Lift: Rejuvenate Your Eyes Without Surgery

Dr. Philip Solomon discusses how the new UltraPulse Laser can perform eyelid lift treatments without the need of surgery. VIEW NOW

This Woman Had Liposuction to Remove Diseased Lipedema Fat

Dr. David Amron shares this video of a woman who had severe pain and mobility issues due Lipedema. She underwent surgery to remove the diseased fat from her calves, ankles and arms and shares her experience with the treatments. VIEW NOW

Lasers and Facelifts: Learn About Different Facelift Procedures and How Lasers Can Improve Results

Dr. Michael Kulick discusses why not all facelift procedures are the same, and how lasers can help provide the best results. VIEW NOW

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See a Smart Lipo Procedure in Action

Dr. Raymond Jean demonstrates Smartlipo, a variation on traditional liposuction that uses laser energy to liquefy fat before it's removed through a thin tube called a cannula. This makes the fat easier to remove with a shorter recovery time. VIEW NOW

Comparing Laser Resurfacing, Halo Laser, and IPL

Dr. Kris Reddy explains the distinction between laser resurfacing, Halo Laser, and broad band light, also known as intense pulsed light. VIEW NOW

Laser Eye Treatment: What Is an Eye Shield and Why Is It Important?

Dr. Jason Emer explains why in any ablative laser treatment on the eye area or eye lids, it is necessary to install metal eye shields to protect the eyeball from any damage from the laser. VIEW NOW

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Forever Young BBL: Learn About the IPL Photofacial Treatment

Dr. Alex Eshaghian demonstrates the Sciton Forever Young BBL IPL photofacial treatment. VIEW NOW

How to Treat Bruising From Filler Injections — The Doctor Demonstrates

Dr. Alex Eshaghian demonstrates how a laser can be used to treat bruises caused by injections. VIEW NOW

Skin Tightening for the Neck — The Doctor Demonstrates Skintyte

Dr. Alex Eshaghian demonstrates the Sciton Skintyte laser to stimulate collagen on the neck. VIEW NOW

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SkinTyte for Facial Rejuvenation — Watch This Woman's Treatment

Dr. Alex Eshaghian demonstrates the Sciton SkinTyte Laser on this woman's face to stimulate collagen. VIEW NOW

Reducing the Appearance of Stretch Marks With a Fractional CO2 Laser

Dr. Alex Eshaghian quickly demonstrates how fractional CO2 laser resurfacing can address stretch marks on the belly, and explains what you can expect with treatment. VIEW NOW

Learn More About Tight and Bright Rejuvenation

Dr. Alex Eshaghian demonstrates the A E Skin Tight and Bright Rejuvenation, a combination of a Forever Young BBL IPL photofacial treatment and a laser skin tightening treatment. Before and after pictures are shown. VIEW NOW

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Cosmetic Treatments on Dark Skin: How to Minimize Risks

Dr. Alex Eshaghian offers advice on how to minimize risks for those with darker skin types who opt for cosmetic procedures. VIEW NOW

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Treating Sun Damage on the Hands With Forever Young BBL

Dr. Alex Eshaghian demonstrates the Forever Young BBL (BroadBand Light) IPL photofacial treatment to treat sun damage on the hands. VIEW NOW