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Are Large Blisters Common After Laser Therapy?

I had laser therapy for the second time this past month and it was very painful during the procedure. Right away I developed large watery blisters... READ MORE

How to Reduce Redness After Laser Treatment?

I had an accident on my face resulting a 2 1/2 inch scar and had done 2 surgery and 10 times laser, it turn out better. However the redness is still... READ MORE

Hyfrecator Done on Nose - How Long Before Redness Goes Away?

I had some small raised bumps on my nose - not acne, skin colored, no pain. My derm did hyfercation for it and told me it should "heal" in... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use Laresse?

I am considering having a tear trough filler to smooth out wrinkling under my eyes following laser surgery that removed milia under my skin. The... READ MORE

Laser Ablation on the Gum Line - Temporary?

I had my gum line reduced by laser ablation a couple years ago for cosmetic enhancement. The results appear to have only been temporary; my gum line... READ MORE

Laser Burns on Stretch Marks is This Normal? (photo)

6 days ago i had laser done on my belly stretch marks & belly button now im still in alot of pain, swollen with open burns the last day in a half... READ MORE

Fibrous Papule on Nasal Tip?

I went to a dermatologist and was told that I have a 'fibrous papule/dermal naevus' on the tip of my nasal. Although it is hard for others to see, I... READ MORE

Laser resurfacing for indian skin for burns scars after laser hair removal.

Please suggest any scar treatment for indian skin .I got burns after laser hair is all allover the lower face and happened 2... READ MORE

What to Do about Hypopigmentation 11 Years After Laser Eye Lift?

11 years ago I had upper and lower eye lift using laser. Results were good, although it did leave the area lighter.Have used hydroquinonine over the... READ MORE

Is It Medical Malpractice for a Lifestyle Life Dr. to Go Through Your Neck with a Laser ??

I had a bad infection for months and I am very dissatisfied. Could I possibly get a refund? READ MORE

Severe Blistering After Sun Spot Laser Treatment Normal?

I have had laser treatment for sun spots over the past few years. I moved to a new home town and had to find anew laser treatment centre. I did a lot... READ MORE

Help after laser damage. Is there anything I can do to look more like I did before? (Photo)

After a pulsed dye laser treatment for rosacea and a few broken blood vessels my face and skin changed to the point that I could no longer recognise... READ MORE

Are blister after laser to remove brown spots normal? (photos)

I got laser to remove brown spots on my face Next day I got 2 big blister under my eyez is that common? READ MORE

Has sun exposure/sunbathing after peel, dermapen and laser damaged my skin permanently?

I had a course of light peels,dermapen and laser to reduce old acne scarring. The course ended 3 months ago but I have done a couple more peels at... READ MORE

I had laser done yesterday on a broken capillary under my eye. Will this spot go away? (Photo)

I had laser done yesterday on a broken capillarie under my eye. I noticed my skin turned brown, and in a small area it turned black an hour later.All... READ MORE

I have burning sensation in the leg 2 years after laser varicose vein surgery. Is this normal?

2 years ago I had varicose vein surgery with a good recovery, but for the past week and a half I've been experiencing a burning sensation in one of... READ MORE

What makeup should I use after having under eye laser surgery?

The skin under my eyes are still red with dark circles. I understand it takes quite awhile for your normal skin color to come back. In the meantime... READ MORE

Indented Red Mark Left by Hyfrector- Will It Ever Go Back to Normal Appearence? (photo)

She Perscribed Me Tetrinoin Also. 20 years old, fair skin. Went to a Dermatologist, I had a small spot on the end of my nose that bothered me. The... READ MORE

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