Sun Damage + Laser Resurfacing

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Suggested Laser Treatment to Remove Sun Damage?

I'm considering laser treatment for removing sun damage. I have brown spots and a lot of discoloration from repeated sun exposure. I am 52 years old... READ MORE

Ebrium Laser Resurfacing Vs Co2 Laser Resurfacing?

I am planning to get one of these treatments, to treat my acne scars, sun damage/uneven tan. I would consider the degree of my skin condition as... READ MORE

TCA Vs. Laser for Sun Damaged Skin?

I want to even out the tone of my skin--I have a lot of sun damage and precancerous lesions. Not considering downtime or cost, would you recommened... READ MORE

Will Laser Resurfacing Cause Long Term Damage?

Will the Laser Resurfacing CO2 cause long term damage years down the road? I'm wondering if this treatment will ultimately make your skin more... READ MORE

IPL Vs BBL for Sun Damaged Skin?

I've been given two opinions for skin Laser resurfacing for sun damage. One is IPL and the other is BBL (Broad Band Light). Is one better than the other? READ MORE

Safest Treatment for Sun Damage and Broken Capillaries in Sensitive Skin?

I was diagnosed with mild Rosacea 3 years ago. After being on a low-dosage Isotretinoin for 9 months my skin stabilised. I have some sun damage and... READ MORE

Laser or Chemical Peel for Skin with Brown Spots, Fine Wrinkles and Broken Capillaries

I return from Iraq with sun damaged (brown spots) and broken capalaries. I am 43 years old. Which procedure would work best? READ MORE

Laser Done for Sun Damage Left Uneven Skin Tone. Will the Rest of the Dark Spots Fade Away? (photo)

I had a laser treatment done 11 days ago on my face to remove dun damage. After treatment some spots darkened & days later started to crust &... READ MORE

Is BBL Enough to Remove my Pigmentation?

I am a very fair skinned 30 year old who has had multiple BBL treatments for some brown sun spots on my face. The treatments have been effective, but... READ MORE

Laser Resurfacing As a Preventative Cosmetic Procedure?

Does laser (CO2) resurfacing have any benefit in the removal of sun damage that is not yet apparent? It obviously has great potential in improving... READ MORE

Better to Do Laser Resurfacing Before Effects of Sun Damage Appear?

I am 32 and considering doing laser resurfacing now, before the effects of tanning in my 20's really begin to show. If I get a procedure done now,... READ MORE

What Laser Can Be Used for These Affected Areas of Skin?

My face, neck, lower arms, and lower legs look either heavily tanned, sun damaged, or hyperpigmentated due to too much sun exposure (spending alot... READ MORE

Fraxel Re:pair? MixTo? DeepFX? or Palimar?

After consults & research I still seek the "right" ABLATIVE laser for severe eye/deep facial wrinkles w/extensive sun damage. Experienced &... READ MORE

Would CO2 Laser Resurfacing Be Ideal for Me?

Like overall i have found out that co2 laser resurfacing is great in riding a great majority of acne scars, sun damage, uneven skin tone/tan,etc.... READ MORE

I am 69 years old and have sun damage , brown spots, wrinkles. What is the best and quickest way for treatment?

My bone structure good. Would like a resurface and then go from there. Don't care about young. Just looking as good as I can Don't want a 6 tx maybe... READ MORE

What laser would be the best to consider for treating my many skin issues

Is there one type of laser resurfacing treatment that would treat Large pores/oily skin Seborrhoeic warts ? Freckles and sun damage Milia Broken... READ MORE

On my consultation, a Md suggested that a full face laser skin resurfacing would be best for me. Any suggestions?

I am 62, have sun damage, wrinkles on for-head,eyes and around mouth areas. For god results, he suggested a full face (deep) full face lazer skin... READ MORE

How Long Until You See Laser Resurfacing Results?

I had co2 laser resurfacing done one month ago and so far am delighted with the removal of freckles and sun damage however, I have no improvement... READ MORE

How Effective is Lux 2940 on Sun Damage?

I am 24 with severe sun damage. I would like to get my fine lines lasered off. Is this a bad idea? The laser available to me to have used is a Lux... READ MORE

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