Skin Texture + Laser Resurfacing

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Why Some People Have Worse Skin After Laser Threatment? (photo)

I wish to improve my skin texture and lift it a little bit. I'm looking for a fraxel laser (Pixel, Total FX, Deep FX) However, according to realself... READ MORE

One Side of my Face Looks Older Than the Other. What is the Best Way to Address This Issue?

My derm said this is likely a result from driving (one side of my face gets more sun than the other). I am quite bothered by this; I am only 25 and I... READ MORE

Sciton MicroLaser Peel Improve Skin Texture?

After reading this blog and evaluating my concerns (texture, few fine lines, and rosacea), I have decided to have a medium (35mm to40mm) MicroLaser... READ MORE

Effect of Laser Skin Treatments on Sebaceous Gland Disorder?

I developed this problem after receiving laser resurfacing treatments. It was Genesis at first, and then I've had IPL, Aramis, YAG, Med Light... READ MORE

Safest Treatment for Sun Damage and Broken Capillaries in Sensitive Skin?

I was diagnosed with mild Rosacea 3 years ago. After being on a low-dosage Isotretinoin for 9 months my skin stabilised. I have some sun damage and... READ MORE

Will Skin Texture Improve After CO2 Laser Treatment?

I had 3 sessions of fractional Co2 laser on a Multixel machine. I'm really unhappy with the microdots still being visible and my skin texture looks... READ MORE

What's the best laser for Skin Resurfacing in, 2016, to tighten skin, improve texture, pores and wrinkles?

Specific concerns are the eye and nose area. Also, do they promote rosacea like broken veins? READ MORE

Skin Condition? (photo)

Dear Doctors, Can you please check my skin condition and tell me if it could be improved? Is it normal to have such skin at 31 years old? Can I expect... READ MORE

Looking for a Toronto physician who specializes in skin resurfacing?

I have mild atrophic acne scarring, post inflammatory hyper pigmentation, milia under my eyes and awful pebbly skin texture. I am 25 years old and... READ MORE

Laser and silicone injection?

Interested in laser resurfacing on my face to refine the texture, but afraid to do so because I had silicone injections in my nasolabial area. One... READ MORE

Is laser resurfacing an effective method to remove scar tissue from the face?

I'm 19 years old and am concerned that I am being overly neurotic. About a year ago my nose had a nice smooth texture and was relatively straight... READ MORE

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