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Can Laser Resurfacing and Wrinkle Fillers Be Combined?

I am confused about Hyaluronic acid fillers such as Restylane, and laser resurfacing. Are they safe together? I thought Hyaluronic acid and laser are... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Apply Retin-A One Week After CO2 Fractional Laser?

My doctor wants me to purchase and apply retin-A one week after my CO2 fractional laser treatment. Is that safe? From what I read, it is not. I'm... READ MORE

What Are the Thermal Damage to Skin Signs/ Symptoms?

Can thermal damage to the skin from a laser treatment cause side effects like moderate burning and itching feelings on skin, sensitivity in affected... READ MORE

Is Laser Resurfacing After Juvederm Safe?

Six months ago I had a small amount of Juvederm filler used on a scar on my chin. There was an improvement, but I would like to have CO2 laser... READ MORE

Safe to Use Topical Lidocaine Before KTP Laser?

I am interested in getting KTP laser for vascular lesions and lentigines. The esthetician said that topical anaesthetics weren't recommended... READ MORE

Max FX Ideal for Asian Skin?

The doctor is recommending me Max FX and I would like to know if it works perfectly on Asian skin. Will it be safe? Thanks! READ MORE

Laser Resurfacing Vs. Fraxel: Which is Safer for Acne Scar Removal?

And which one is more effective for acne scar removal and reducing pore size as well as skin discoloration? I have some ice pick scars and some... READ MORE

Is it safe to have laser resurfacing using the Harmony XL by Alma performed by an aesthetician rather than a doctor?

Also, they offer a very cheap deal. Microdermabrasion is done 2 weeks post laser treatment plus a laser photofacial 1 to weeks after the... READ MORE

Should I Be Monitor with a Blood Pressure Machine

I have a fear of getting my blood pressure check, it makes my heart race. I watched someone die by looking at blood pressure reading. I am thinking... READ MORE

Can it be safe to take a sunny vacation after deep laser resurfacing?

I had deep laser resurfacing on my face 5 months ago. I use sunscreen religiously, even while indoors. I was invited to take a vacation in two weeks... READ MORE

3 months post op laser skin resurfacing ,affected area have uneven skins, another surgery is required. Is it safe? (photo)

Sir I have done facial laser skin resurfacing, 3 months ago. Eventhough affected face area contains uneven skin pigmentation and red skin. Due to that... READ MORE

CO2 Laser Resurfacing Okay for Eyelids?

I had CO2 laser done on my face and they also did my eyelids covering the eyeball. Is this safe? No occular shield was in place. READ MORE

Is it safe to get laser skin resurfacing in combination with kybella, botox and juvederm in same day?

I have an appointment with one doctor for Kybella under chin, I also have appoint with another doctor for laser skin resurfacing botox and juverderm,... READ MORE

Is laser resurfacing appropriate for a facial hypertrophic scar on darker-skin toned person (Fitzpatrick V or VI)?

Recently received a red, hypertrophic scar from laser hair removal; dermatologist has recommended against laser resurfacing due to skin tone and... READ MORE

Skin resurfacing laser that is safe for African American skin?

I've been dealing with dark spot on my face for years. Topical ointments are not working. I wanted to know what laser treatments are safe for my skin.... READ MORE

Is it safe to get Fractional Laser Resurfacing while on vitamin A supplements? (50,000 iu/day)

I have been taking 50,000 iu/day of vitamin A for mild acne. Have been on accutane years ago and that resolved the cystic acne occurances. Have been... READ MORE

I don't know what to do I need help Doctors. Any suggestions for acne scars? (photos)

I had laser acne resurfacing that went well, one week of down time and excellent results. I had my second session, horrible it's been about a month... READ MORE

Can you treat safely broken vessels around the eye area with a laser?

Hello ,Is it safe to treat the delicate eye contour to remove broken vessels (very close to the cheeks/nose area?) Any risks involved with treating... READ MORE

How long after Dot Laser should I wait to get a chemical peel and how often is it safe?

I had dot laser on my Cheeks June 20th. I feel that chemical peels help lighten some of the hyper pigmentation left behind from hormonal breakouts. I... READ MORE

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