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Misinformation Concerning ECO2 Laser and Malar Bags?

I'm 42 and about to undergo laser resurfacing of my lower eyelids to improve some crepiness of the skin. My surgeon uses the eCO2 laser,which... READ MORE

Can Laser Resurfacing Cause Fat Loss from Face/skin?

And if so, what are the variable factors that influence whether this happens or increases the risk? I am considering this procedure to treat lines and... READ MORE

Postpone Laser Resurfacing and Facelift for Smoker?

I'm due to have Laser resurfacing, upper eyes and a lower Facelift in 1 week. I have smoked 2 cigarettes a day for the last week. Should I postpone my... READ MORE

Is Laser Rejuvenation Safe for Somebody with Eczema on Laugh-lines?

Is Laser Rejuvenation Safe for Somebody with Eczema on Laugh-lines? READ MORE

What Are the Thermal Damage to Skin Signs/ Symptoms?

Can thermal damage to the skin from a laser treatment cause side effects like moderate burning and itching feelings on skin, sensitivity in affected... READ MORE

Dangers of Topical Anesthetic for Laser Resurfacing?

I have read that there are dangers in using topical numbing cream that can even be life threating if too much is absorbed in the blood stream. Can... READ MORE

I Have Red Hair, Freckles with Deepish Wrinkles on my Forehead. 37 Too Early For Fractional Laser Resurfacing?

I don't trust the practitioner I saw. At 37 years old is it too early to begin fractional laserr resurfacing as I heard it makes your skin... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation Risk from Light Laser Resurfacing?

How high is the risk for light laser resurfacing to cause hyperpigmentation (example active/deep fx)? Although my derma says that my complexion is... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation from Laser Resurfacing for Tanned Caucasian?

I am highly considering laser resurfacing (Pearl Fractional) but I'm very worried about hyperpigmentation. I'm a tanned caucasian. Should I fear? READ MORE

I Have Dry Eye After Lower Blepharoplasty, is Laser Resurfacing for Wrinkles Too Risky?

There seems to be a lot more lasers nowadays with technology constantly improving. Does anyone know of any laser which is suitable for treating... READ MORE

Sun Sensitivty After Laser, Will it Increase Risk of Skin Cancer While Healing?

Can unprotected sun exposure in the near period after laser treatment for moles and non ablative laser for post acne scars promote cancer (in skin or... READ MORE

Will Fractional Resurfacing Have Long-term Effects?

I am having a fractional resurfacing for some scars i have in my face, they going to do my full face. But I want to know what are the risk of this... READ MORE

Best 'long term' treatment for shallow lines?

I prefer the concept of longer lasting treatments even if they are more expensive and have higher risks. I'm sure it is the subject of much debate but... READ MORE

Possible to Have a Laser Treatment in One Spot on the Cheek? And What Are the Risks of This?

I have an acne scar on my cheek, indented (1/2-1mm), 1/2 the size of a dime, pink/slightly red, 3 months old. It has plateaued in healing and I need... READ MORE

Do all skin lasers pose the risk of causing premature aging?

Hello, I'm 26 years old and my skin has really large pores and acne scars and hyperpigmentation. I'm really unhappy with my skin but I'm afraid of... READ MORE

Is it a good idea to have ablative laser resurfacing done the same day of my facelift, eyes, and fat injections?

I am concerned that it will increase risk dramatically to have it all done at one time. Also, since the doctor only wants to do laser resurfacing on... READ MORE

Why do so many Laser Skin Resurfacing patients end up with disastrous results?

Hello doctors, I have a relatively simple question. If you search laser skin resurfacing reviews on this website, an alarmingly high percentage of... READ MORE

NON-ABLATIVE laser for eyelid resurfacing, 35 male with light skin (Mediterranean)

Done fraxel:restore on face with no problem. Looking for NON_ABLATIVE eyelid resurfacing to smooth wrinkles and enhance texture. 1) is it safe for my... READ MORE

Laser skin resurfacing; If after laser treatment one of the permanent risks occur, what is solution ?

If after laser treatment one of the permanent risks occur what is sollution ? or is these scarring or other risks will be permanent in the rest of life? READ MORE

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