Red + Laser Resurfacing

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Laser resurfacing for acne scars in nose. How much time will they take to heal? (Photo)

Recently I had acne scars on my nose removed through laser resurfacing.after treatment they were like red scars I want to ask how much time will they... READ MORE

How do you get rid of telangiectasia after laser resurfacing? (photos)

I recently had Erbium Laser Resurfacing 3 months ago and noticed small red veins popping up really bad on the right side of my face. I had a few... READ MORE

How long will it take to see results after profractional laser resurfacing?

I had profractional laser resurfacing done 3 weeks ago and my skin and scars look worse than before the procedure. I also had hypopigmention and the... READ MORE

Red with Itchy Breakouts After Laser Resurfacing

30 days post co2 full face resurfacing. I am very red and have hot itchy breakouts everyday for about 3 hrs. could there be a problem or am I a slow... READ MORE

I'm scared to do another laser resurfacing. The first went excellent, the second worse (Photo)

I had my second laser acne resurfacing, the person doing my treatment put a higher settings on the laser while doing my cheeks because that's where I... READ MORE

Is red or dark skin normal during the healing process after laser skin resurfacing? When will the normal color return? (photo)

I had sciton halo laser skin resurfacing on my face 3.5 weeks ago. They used the erbium laser as spot treatment to remove dark raised bumps. I have... READ MORE

3 months post op laser skin resurfacing ,affected area have uneven skins, another surgery is required. Is it safe? (photo)

Sir I have done facial laser skin resurfacing, 3 months ago. Eventhough affected face area contains uneven skin pigmentation and red skin. Due to that... READ MORE

Visible red lines from cynosure laser

I had cynosure treatment on my nose over three weeks ago and there is still obvious pink marks from where the laser hit which do not seem to be fading... READ MORE

Can't afford to buy laser resurfacing to treat my red noise. Any alternatives? Would LASER-FREE™ RESURFACING KIT help me? (photo

I have a red noise and it looks bad. How do I got my red noise? I was washing my face too much one time as a child and my skin started to peel off and... READ MORE

Venus Erbium Peel Aftercare! Dry or moist? I am worried. (Photo)

I really need to know this answer. I received a Venus Erbium laser peel on Thursday. It was obviously not the super deep kind as it was around $200. I... READ MORE

I have had a chemical peel done on my inner thigh to lighten the area but now it's darker. What do I do?

I got the peel done last week, my skin reacted badly (the patch test however went well and the area did get lighter of the patch test). Please, tell... READ MORE

Laser resurfacing, is this normal?

Hi im 26 female with pale skin i had laser skin resurfacing 2 months ago on My cheeks for acne scarring and My face is still very red not as bad as it... READ MORE

I have developed pimples after CO2 laser resurfacing. Any suggestions?

I am 77. Had laser resurfacing 3 months ago. I have developed big red pimples. They are getting worse. The pimples break easily & become ugly. I have... READ MORE

Why did the laser resurfacing not work on my chest mole? (photo)

I had pigment/freckles removed on my chest and they are scabbed up (hoping they were removed) and Dr also went over a mole. A tiny layer fell of the... READ MORE

Can I use makeup base to cover the red on the third day of laser resurfacing?

My post op instructions did not say I could not put makeup base on to cover the red, I just read I shouldn't , it's the third day, I cleaned my face,... READ MORE

I am 4.5 weeks out from Erbium laser resurfacing under my eyes.

It still looks like a semi-circular iron was placed on the skin in those areas. It is puffy and red with well-defined edges. Is this normal for this... READ MORE

Had a Ebrium Laser treatment (not real deep). This is the 3rd day.

Had a Ebrium aser treatment on Fed. 6 (not real deep). This is the 3rd day. Im extremely red,burney, swollen, can hardly see and have been slathering... READ MORE

Can ablative laser resurfacing trigger rosacea?

A couple of years ago I had Fraxel to treat hyper-pigmentation & wrinkles. After my skin healed I looked like a Raggedy Ann doll; bright red, round... READ MORE

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