Recovery + Laser Resurfacing

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Laser Resurfacing Recovery - when Can I Go Back to Work?

What should i expect after a laser skin resurfacing?  how long is healing? are there tips for recovering from the laser treatment faster? READ MORE

Skin Care After Laser Resurfacing?

Seems like the laser resurfacing will be tough on my skin. what should I do? READ MORE

How Does Skin Look a Month After Laser Resurfacing?

I know what patients look like right afterwards (too red and raw to go out for about a week) and what they look like after three months (fully healed... READ MORE

Exercise After Laser Face Resurfacing?

How soon after Active/Total FX can I exercise? I'm assuming no vigorous exercise, but how about a slow walk on the treadmill? READ MORE

Laser Resurfacing Along With Facelift. How Does it Feel and What is the Recovery Time? Okay to do at Same Time?

My doctor has recommended lazer resurfacing along with my facelift. I was told it was about like a severe sunburn. what is recovery time and is it... READ MORE

Ablative Co2 on Face. What is the Normal Recovery Period? (photo)

I decided to undergo an ablative Co2 treatment 4 weeks ago. I was told recovery would be 10 to 14 days and I am still red, swollen, have crusting... READ MORE

How long does it take for skin to return to normal with Erbium Laser Resurfacing?

I'm a male so I'm thinking wearing makeup, for me particularly, isnt really feasible. I was just wondering how long I'd have to wait before skin... READ MORE

What is the recovery time for Palomar 2940 Erbium Fraxel laser resurfacing?

My doctor said he's putting the equipment on highest setting, doing two passes over most of my face and up to five around my mouth and chin, where I... READ MORE

Bad hyperpigmentation after resurfacing laser since February 2016. The square patches still can be seen on my face? (Photo)

Asian with fair skin colour and have done resurfacing laser for acne scar and big pores last February by qualified dermatologist. Since then I am... READ MORE

Do you recommend Laser TX for a surgical scar and if so, at what point in recovery and what is the preferred laser?

I still have some swelling near eye and on upper cheek, will it be an issue with laser tx? Picosure & IPL have been recommended. Had a skin flap... READ MORE

Full Ablative Laser Co2re - what to expect?

I am booked to have a deep co2re laser next week and been prescribed anti-viral meds to take the day before treatment and each day after until fully... READ MORE

NON-ABLATIVE laser for eyelid resurfacing, 35 male with light skin (Mediterranean)

Done fraxel:restore on face with no problem. Looking for NON_ABLATIVE eyelid resurfacing to smooth wrinkles and enhance texture. 1) is it safe for my... READ MORE

Atrophic scars and laser resurfacing procedure (Photo)

Hi! I have some atrophic pocks (after chickenpox) on my forehead and cheeks. In this case I made laser resurfacing of the entire face about two months... READ MORE

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