Pigmentation + Laser Resurfacing

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Do Gemini Laser Treatments Get Rid of Freckles?

Hi, i am so happy to have stumbled onto this site, i cannot believe your generosity with answering so many questions..... amazing.... my... READ MORE

Is Keloid Scarring Possible Around the Eyes if Laser Resurfacing is Performed?

Is keloid scarring possible around the eyes if laser resurfacing is performed for wrinkles or pigmentation or dark circles correction? READ MORE

Will Erbium Laser Around Mouth and Undereyes Cause Uneven Pigmentation?

I am wanting to do fully ablative laser (medium to deep)under the eyes and about the mouth only. I was thinking I might not have to be put to sleep if... READ MORE

How Can I Find a Good Therapist for Poikiloderma? (photo)

I know laser can be dangerous in the wrong hands. How do I find someone in my area (Liverpool). I have this nasty looking rash on the sides of my neck... READ MORE

Is BBL Enough to Remove my Pigmentation?

I am a very fair skinned 30 year old who has had multiple BBL treatments for some brown sun spots on my face. The treatments have been effective, but... READ MORE

Redness After Medlite 4 Laser Treatment

I just had laser medilite 4 for pigmentation the areas are red, when will the redness go? One area was a bump that I had and developed a pigmentation... READ MORE

Will Erbium Laser Resurfacing Help Even Skin Tone?

The pigmentation of my skin is very uneven. Would the erbium yag laser help?  My complexion on my face is pale with pink and red patches. I am... READ MORE

Is Laser Resurfacing, Fraxel or Matrix is Better?

I have 2 questions. 1. Is laser resurfacing, Fraxel or Matrix is better for wrinkles, pigmentation and age spots? I had a filler put in lower eye and... READ MORE

I have pores, pigmentation, redness, sallow acne scars. Which laser resurfacing is right for me? (photos)

Age: 25; skin type: combination to oily; skin tone: medium to light (I'm Asian). I am considering Fractional CO2 laser. But two doctors ruled that out... READ MORE

3 months post op laser skin resurfacing ,affected area have uneven skins, another surgery is required. Is it safe? (photo)

Sir I have done facial laser skin resurfacing, 3 months ago. Eventhough affected face area contains uneven skin pigmentation and red skin. Due to that... READ MORE

My uncle undergone a laser pigmentation treatment and after he has much darkened? (photo)

Pls suggest me any treatment to regain his normal color. he has Indian skin. photo attached. READ MORE

I had laser resurfacing in Jan 2015 which left me with two spots on my nose. Any suggestions? (photos)

My pigmentation has not come back either. Do you know what i can take to get my pigmentation back on my nose? Thanks READ MORE

Why did the laser resurfacing not work on my chest mole? (photo)

I had pigment/freckles removed on my chest and they are scabbed up (hoping they were removed) and Dr also went over a mole. A tiny layer fell of the... READ MORE

Pigmentation loss due to laser resurfacing in darker skin. Will my skin turn back to its natural color?

I have gotten several Fractional Resurfacing Treatments (Matrix RF). After six weeks, I still have areas of my face that appear lighter than the rest... READ MORE

Based on thickness of my wrinkles, pigmentation, hollowing & 2 wks off work, what's the best laser resurfacing for me? (Photo)

I am between a type 2 and 3 skin type, and lost 30 lbs which caused under eye hollowing and wrinkling for which I'm willing and ready to try fillers... READ MORE

Can anyone advise me what to do for broken veins anad pigmentation on my upper cheeks/under my eyes?

For what to do for the broken vines and pigmentation on my upper cheeks and under my eyes ,i really feel very depresst about it and i hide my face... READ MORE

Hello friends and doctors, Please answer. About laser resurfacing and monobenzone.

Hello guys, I'm going to use the cream Benoquin 20% on my upper body including my face until it's fully depigmented and then the rest of my body. But... READ MORE

Gemini Laser for Multiple Skin Problems?

My derm has advised that I receive 2 treatments of the Gemini laser. The areas of concern are: hemosiderin stains under eyes from Juvederm (still very... READ MORE

Gemini Laser to Lighten Pigmentation Marks or Flat Moles?

I have a couple of small flat moles of my face that I am self conscious about. I was wondering, is it possible to lighten them with Gemini laser... READ MORE

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