Pain + Laser Resurfacing

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Is It Normal to Have A Rash After Laser Resurfacing?

I had laser resurfacing 4 days ago and apart from the pain that i have this morning i woke up with what i believe is a rash all over my chin and... READ MORE

Is It Normal To Breakout In Painful Acne After Laser Resurfacing?

I had Laser resurfacing 2 weeks ago and am experiencing what I can only call as painful acne (I have never had any acne issues before) around my mouth... READ MORE

Laser Resurfacing w/ Post-op Pain Medication?

I have a higher pain tolerance and I also do not take anything I don't have too, (other than antibiotics). I am wondering after laser resurfacing... READ MORE

Laser Face Surgery - Red Bumps, Burning and Pain

85 years old-had laser facial surgery. 7 days post, she went to the ER for incredible pain, itching and burning with little red dots over most of her... READ MORE

I had laser resurfacing 3 days ago and I'm in agony. My face is swollen and oozing. Is this normal?

Hi I had laser resurfacing 3 days ago and the pain is so bad, my face is swollen and oozing yellow pus! I am cleaning my face every few hours and... READ MORE

Four days post laser resurfacing I have painfully swollen eyelids; face is swollen (peeling now). (photo)

Is it normally to have painfully swollen eyelids 4 days after procedure, as wells swollen and tight-feeling face even though half of the brown layer... READ MORE

Any suggestions for face resurfacing? (photos)

I would like to learn more about resurfacing for deep lines and fine lines around the upper lip and chin area. I have been told it is painful and... READ MORE

Facial redness pain 2.5 months after laser surgery. Is my dry skin the cause of this problem?

I have had facial laser for 2 and a half months now. Ever since the second month, my skin has become red after eating or drinking hot food or staying... READ MORE

How many microns deep does laser resurfacing need to be to cause scarring?

I had resurfacing of eyelids a few months ago. The doctor claims it was fully ablative Erbium laser 20 microns dialled in 10 hz, and then fractional... READ MORE

Limelight by Cutera - Very Painful. Should It Be?

I just had a Limelight by cutera facial and it was VERY PAINFUL...almost unbearabel, and I am very pain tolerant. I had taken a Darvocet about an hour... READ MORE

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