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What Laser Best for Freckle Removal?

I want to get rid of my freckles/ I have tried IPL- w/o success. What laser should I go with? I am looking at Fraxel, Medlite C6, Gentlemax... cant... READ MORE

Which Laser Provides the Quickest Results for Removing Crows Feet?

I already have tried Restalyne, Perlane and collagen in this area, however I have very tiny and shallow wrinkles underneath my eyes. The doctor's... READ MORE

What Laser Options are Best for Removing Age Spots from Face and Forearms?

I am 50 years old with brown hair, olive green eyes, light to medium olive skin tone. I have numerous small age spots on my face and forearms. I did... READ MORE

Best Laser for Eyelid Wrinkles?

Machines "specialized" for one treatment perform that treatment perfectly.What is the best laser for “eyelids wrinkles”? Please... READ MORE

Best Laser for Flat, White Hypopigmented Scars from Glass Shattering on Lower & Upper Thigh on Olive Skin?

I have several flat straight-line white scars on my thighs from glass shattering in an accident 10 years ago & have olive skin tone. Will laser... READ MORE

What Laser Resurfacing Would Be Best for my Face?

I am a very light skinned, 46 year old caucasian female. I am wanting to get laser resurfacing done on my face to take care of wrinkles around my... READ MORE

Reducing Long Term Redness Caused by Laser?

Hi, What can be done to improve redness left by two, very strong, laser resurfacing treatments? Last treatment was done 7 months ago but it is clearly... READ MORE

What is the Best Laser to Remove the Lines from Nose to Mouth?

Hi Doc, I would like to know what is the best and safe laser to remove the lines from nose to mouth? I can't go for fillers because I bruise... READ MORE

Broken Capillaries Around Nose - Options?

Had IPL, Pulse Dye, and Yag for Broken Capillaries Around Nose. Disappeared but Came Back. What else Can I Do? READ MORE

Can Laser Be Used on People with Porphyria?

I have variegate porphyria which has resulted in dark pigmentation on my face and upper arms. The patches get remarkably darker before the onset of my... READ MORE

Unhappy with Skin Around Eyes- Will Laser Resurfacing Help Me? Something Else? (photo)

I'm a 30-year-old female with fair, slightly freckled skin. I have been very unhappy with the skin around my eyes lately: it is puffy above the... READ MORE

Is There a Treatment to Get Rid of Facial Telangiectasias Due to Systemic Scleroderma?

Several years ago I tried 2 different lasers and did not have luck getting rid of the red dots. Maybe there are better lasers for this now. I have had... READ MORE

Darkness Under Eyes Made Worse By Hyaluronidase - Laser Correction?

I have always had darkness under my eyes, I have light skin, blonde hair, blue eyes, and I have been prone to undereye darkness. I recently had all my... READ MORE

Fordyce Spot on Genitalia, Laser Options for Removal in UAE?

I have fordyce spot on my penis , and i am looking for a place in UAE where i can get rid off completly by any mean laser or any other mean READ MORE

I Have a Brown Spot on my Cheek. What Are my Treatment Options?

I have a brown spot on my cheek that gets darker after sun exposure. What are my treatment options? READ MORE

What Laser Treatment Would Be Beneficial for Facial Hyperpigmentaion for African American? (photo)

I am 20 yrs old an have struggle a while with hyperpigmentation. Several years ago I had a bad case of chicken pox an went through procedure to remove... READ MORE

How Can I Find a Good Therapist for Poikiloderma? (photo)

I know laser can be dangerous in the wrong hands. How do I find someone in my area (Liverpool). I have this nasty looking rash on the sides of my neck... READ MORE

Which Non-invasive Treatment is Most Effective for Mild/moderate Skin Laxity and Crepiness on Thighs, Hips and Buttocks?

I accept that results may be small & will require ongoing management, but I don't want thigh lift scars. I'm 35. Have lost 40 lbs and been... READ MORE

I Have a 8 Y/o Who Has a Dark Spot on His Face. Is Laser the Best Way to Remove It?

Is laser treatment the best way to perform on young children to get rid of dark spot? I'd like to know before I go to see a dermotologist. READ MORE

My Skin Completely Broke Out After 2nd Session of Laser Resurfacing, What Do I Do?

I have very sensitive skin and just had my second session of laser resurfaccing August 1st. Now my skin is breaking out again and I don't know... READ MORE

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