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Is It Normal to Have A Rash After Laser Resurfacing?

I had laser resurfacing 4 days ago and apart from the pain that i have this morning i woke up with what i believe is a rash all over my chin and... READ MORE

Is It Normal To Breakout In Painful Acne After Laser Resurfacing?

I had Laser resurfacing 2 weeks ago and am experiencing what I can only call as painful acne (I have never had any acne issues before) around my mouth... READ MORE

When Will I Start to Look Normal Again After CO2 Laser Treatment?

I have very bad swelling, bruising, and raw skin with minimul bleeding after Day 1. When will I look normal again and when can I wear makeup? READ MORE

Should Skin Blister After Postdye Laser Treatment?

Should Skin Blister After Postdye Laser Treatment? READ MORE

How long does it take to see results after an ablative erbium laser resurfacing treatment?

Hi. I received an ablative erbium laser resurfacing treatment on my whole face 5 weeks ago. I am 42 and the main goal was to reduce wrinkles and see... READ MORE

Ablative Co2 on Face. What is the Normal Recovery Period? (photo)

I decided to undergo an ablative Co2 treatment 4 weeks ago. I was told recovery would be 10 to 14 days and I am still red, swollen, have crusting... READ MORE

How Many Microns Deep or Passes Typically Done with CO2 Laser?

I am booked for a CO2 Silk Touch/Feather Touch ablative laser session for the full face, at a cost of $4000. My doctor says she will use 120 microns... READ MORE

Laser Resurfacing - Still Have Lines Around Chin. Normal?

I had laser resurfacing 10 days ago and there are still a lot of lines around my chin. Is this normal? Will the skin eventually smooth out around my... READ MORE

Brusing Under Eye Month After Laser Resurfacing Normal or Not?

Brusing Under Eye Month After Laser Resurfacing Normal or Not? READ MORE

How long does it take for skin to return to normal with Erbium Laser Resurfacing?

I'm a male so I'm thinking wearing makeup, for me particularly, isnt really feasible. I was just wondering how long I'd have to wait before skin... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Bleed After Matrix Fractional Laser Treatment?

I had matrix fractional laser for acne scarring. My face is swollen and I am bleeding all over the face. My doctor says this will subside. Is this normal? READ MORE

Pink and White Streaking After CO2 Fractional Laser

I'm 4wks post op from CO2 fractional laser. Is pink and white streaking still normal? READ MORE

Its over 2 months now since I had laser resurfacing and my eyes are still bright red underneath. Is this normal? (Photo)

Hi after having laser resurfacing my eyes were so painful, it was the same type of pain after I scalded myself.My eyes blistered straight away and I... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Breaking out 2 Days Post Fractional CO2?

Is this part of the healing process, impurities coming to the surface or a reation to the perscribed ointment? I have NEVER had any sort of acne and I... READ MORE

Four days post laser resurfacing I have painfully swollen eyelids; face is swollen (peeling now). (photo)

Is it normally to have painfully swollen eyelids 4 days after procedure, as wells swollen and tight-feeling face even though half of the brown layer... READ MORE

Regarding laser resurfacing on a 30 year old male. What can I expect?

1. Will it hurt facial hair? 2. What is the effect on younger people? Will young type of skin see a big difference? 3. What is the effect on minor... READ MORE

Getting medical records?

I called my PS office this morning and asked for copies of my records. I had an appointment that afternoon for a procedure. When I checked out I asked... READ MORE

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