Hyperpigmentation + Laser Resurfacing

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Hyperpigmentation and Redness from Laser Skin Resurfacing

I had laser skin resurfacing for acne in August, and I still have redness and hyperpigmentation. What is the best and quickest method to get rid of... READ MORE

Discoloration from Erbium Laser Resurfacing

I am a 26 year-old-girl of Asian origin. I went to a doctor for chemical peels to treat my acne. I started seeing significant difference and wasn't... READ MORE

Whole Face Resurfacing Using Coherent Ultrapulse CO2 Laser?

My cosmetic surgeon says he does not recommend a Facelift although I had a bit of sagging, a full facial resurfacing with a Coherent Ultrapulse CO2... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Apply Retin-A One Week After CO2 Fractional Laser?

My doctor wants me to purchase and apply retin-A one week after my CO2 fractional laser treatment. Is that safe? From what I read, it is not. I'm... READ MORE

Can Laser Be Used on People with Porphyria?

I have variegate porphyria which has resulted in dark pigmentation on my face and upper arms. The patches get remarkably darker before the onset of my... READ MORE

What Laser Treatment Would Be Beneficial for Facial Hyperpigmentaion for African American? (photo)

I am 20 yrs old an have struggle a while with hyperpigmentation. Several years ago I had a bad case of chicken pox an went through procedure to remove... READ MORE

Should I Never Have Laser Resurfacing Again If I Got Hyperpigmentation After One Treatment?

I had erbium laser resurfacing done under both eyes on 7-19-11. I have what looks like post inflammatory hyper pigmentation that has developed under... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation After Deep Spot Erbium Treatment - What Can I Do?

In may 2010, I had an erbium setting 5 done on two scars on my forehead. I'm white and was off accutane for a year and a half. The redness would... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation Risk from Light Laser Resurfacing?

How high is the risk for light laser resurfacing to cause hyperpigmentation (example active/deep fx)? Although my derma says that my complexion is... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation from Laser Resurfacing for Tanned Caucasian?

I am highly considering laser resurfacing (Pearl Fractional) but I'm very worried about hyperpigmentation. I'm a tanned caucasian. Should I fear? READ MORE

Can the same hyperpigmentation and scars come back after laser resurfacing?

I did laser resurfacing. While I was peeling my skin looked great. Bright, clear and my main concerns (hyper pigmentation around my mouth and acne... READ MORE

I Now Have Hypopigmentation or a Burn on my Right Cheek from Laser Resurfacing, What Can I Do?

Before having laser resurfacing my complexion was next to perfect except for a dime sized scar from acne on each temple and a nickle sized scar on... READ MORE

What Laser Can Be Used for These Affected Areas of Skin?

My face, neck, lower arms, and lower legs look either heavily tanned, sun damaged, or hyperpigmentated due to too much sun exposure (spending alot... READ MORE

C02 Laser or Another Laser?

For acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and bulbous of nose. i believe c02 laser would be the best option. however, i also heard that co2 tends to tighten... READ MORE

Is enlarged pores a side effect of the weekend laser peel? Why does my skin look worse? (photos)

I had the weekend laser peel done on my face and neck also capillaries treated on my cheeks and nose on the same day two weeks ago. Today, my pores... READ MORE

What Laser Resurfacing Would Best Work for Me?

I know i have posted a few weeks ago, about getting co2 laser resurfacing for my face and most of you suggested i get co2 for my problem (e.g. acne... READ MORE

My PS has a third generation combination CO2/Erbium YAG laser. Are my concerns about hyperpigmentation valid? (Photo)

I had a facelift 8 months ago. Now I need to have the resurfacing to help with the deep lines around my mouth, which is what bothered me in the first... READ MORE

Has Anyone else Had DOT Laser Therapy for Acne Scars?

3 days ago I had Dot Laser done to my face for my ice pick scars and hyperpigmentation. I was told that the side effects would be swelling, redness,... READ MORE

Is skin resurfacing a good treatment for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation

I have spots all over my hands and legs because of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation my doctor suggested me for skin resurfacing, is it the correct... READ MORE

Bad hyperpigmentation after resurfacing laser since February 2016. The square patches still can be seen on my face? (Photo)

Asian with fair skin colour and have done resurfacing laser for acne scar and big pores last February by qualified dermatologist. Since then I am... READ MORE

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