Freckles + Laser Resurfacing

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What Laser Best for Freckle Removal?

I want to get rid of my freckles/ I have tried IPL- w/o success. What laser should I go with? I am looking at Fraxel, Medlite C6, Gentlemax... cant... READ MORE

I Had a Q Switch Laser Recently. Want to Know How Soon My Freckles Will Vanish. Also my Skin Looks Rough and Bruised.

I dont have fair complexion and had a subsicion for scaring too. I am scared what if it didnt help my freckles to vanish? READ MORE

Do Gemini Laser Treatments Get Rid of Freckles?

Hi, i am so happy to have stumbled onto this site, i cannot believe your generosity with answering so many questions..... amazing.... my... READ MORE

Laser Resurfacing or Photo-facial for Fair Skin? (photo)

I am 42 years old with ultra-fair skin (always burns and freckles, never tans) and am seeing some skin aging issues such as laugh lines, uneven... READ MORE

Laser Resurfacing for Large Pores and Light Freckles?

I'm 20 years old, and have enlarged pores, light freckles, and redness around the nose I would like to get rid of. What would be the best... READ MORE

I Have Red Hair, Freckles with Deepish Wrinkles on my Forehead. 37 Too Early For Fractional Laser Resurfacing?

I don't trust the practitioner I saw. At 37 years old is it too early to begin fractional laserr resurfacing as I heard it makes your skin... READ MORE

Is Aura Laser Better than Medlite C6 for Removing Freckles?

I decided to try medlite c6 for freckles. called doctor, and she told me that she wont do that laser for freckles, cause of possible scarring,... READ MORE

All of the different lasers are OVERWHELMING, Please help me!!!! Which laser do you suggest?

I'm needing some type of laser resurfacing asap. I'm wanting to treat some skin crepiness I have recently got on my lower cheek area around my mouth.... READ MORE

I am a 50 yo female with freckles, age spots and beginning sagging skin and wrinkles?

Would CO2 full face laser resurfacing be recommended as the best method to rebuild collagen and reduce/eliminate freckles and age spots? READ MORE

Hopeless with IPL/BBL freckle removal, is laser resurfacing the next step for back, arms, shoulders and chest?

In the past 5 years I've done all IPL machines you can think of and recently I've done BBL with the highest power available, my freckles did get... READ MORE

Is red or dark skin normal during the healing process after laser skin resurfacing? When will the normal color return? (photo)

I had sciton halo laser skin resurfacing on my face 3.5 weeks ago. They used the erbium laser as spot treatment to remove dark raised bumps. I have... READ MORE

What laser would be the best to consider for treating my many skin issues

Is there one type of laser resurfacing treatment that would treat Large pores/oily skin Seborrhoeic warts ? Freckles and sun damage Milia Broken... READ MORE

I'd like to have freckle free skin (photo)

What would be the best way to get rid of my freckles? And does it make a difference if i go to a dermatologist or an aesthetician for laser or peel? READ MORE

Why did the laser resurfacing not work on my chest mole? (photo)

I had pigment/freckles removed on my chest and they are scabbed up (hoping they were removed) and Dr also went over a mole. A tiny layer fell of the... READ MORE

About laser freckles treatment. Could you please suggest me what to do?

Its been 24 days over the treatment for laser freckles on my face but the areas are more darker. I did facial after the 5 days of treatment. Could you... READ MORE

How Long Until You See Laser Resurfacing Results?

I had co2 laser resurfacing done one month ago and so far am delighted with the removal of freckles and sun damage however, I have no improvement... READ MORE

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