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Laser Resurfacing for Dark Circles Under Eyes?

I heard that laser resurfacing could help dark circles under eyes. Is this true? What can you do for dark circles under the delicate eye area,... READ MORE

Which Laser is Right for Me - Huge Pores, Haggard-Looking Skin, Scars, Wrinkles, etc.

Which laser? I have haggard looking skin. HUGE pores seen from space, scars, some wrinkles, fading elasticity, sun damage, some redness . I'd like... READ MORE

How Much Would It Cost to Have One Broken Blood Vessel Removed with Laser?

I live In Buffalo NY if that helps. ( not a major city such as Los Angeles). READ MORE

Laser Face Resurfacing - Treating Acne Scars, Fine Lines

I really don't know much about the different cosmetic procedures. However, I was told laser resurfacing works great for acne scars and fine lines. I... READ MORE

Dark Spots on Legs. How Do I Get Rid of Them?

I'm 19, I used to have eczema when I was about 11-14, I'm now left with dark spots on my lower legs. I've been to dermatologists and they... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have A Rash After Laser Resurfacing?

I had laser resurfacing 4 days ago and apart from the pain that i have this morning i woke up with what i believe is a rash all over my chin and... READ MORE

Laser Burn Due to Laser Resurfacing.

I am 22yrs indian female with dark skin, 2days ago I went for photo rejuvenation. Immediately after the treatment my skin started burning and now I... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Receive CO2 Resurfacing on the Just the Nose?

I am a thirty-year-old female, and I have enlarged pores and two scars on my nose which I am considering having treated with C02 laser resurfacing.... READ MORE

What Laser Resurfacing Would Be Best for my Face?

I am a very light skinned, 46 year old caucasian female. I am wanting to get laser resurfacing done on my face to take care of wrinkles around my... READ MORE

Postpone Laser Resurfacing and Facelift for Smoker?

I'm due to have Laser resurfacing, upper eyes and a lower Facelift in 1 week. I have smoked 2 cigarettes a day for the last week. Should I postpone my... READ MORE

Can Laser Be Used on People with Porphyria?

I have variegate porphyria which has resulted in dark pigmentation on my face and upper arms. The patches get remarkably darker before the onset of my... READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment to Repair Texture and Appearance of Skin After Scarring After Laser Resurfacing Treatments?

I had a full face laser resurfacing done 9 months ago & plastic surgeon went deep on my cheeks. I had 2 weeks of down time & cheeks were pink... READ MORE

Is BBL Enough to Remove my Pigmentation?

I am a very fair skinned 30 year old who has had multiple BBL treatments for some brown sun spots on my face. The treatments have been effective, but... READ MORE

Is Vasculitis a Contraindication for Laser Resurfacing?

I'm a 25 y\o female, five months ago i was diagnosed with vasculitis that the doctors weren't sure if it was henoch schonlein or reactive vasculitis... READ MORE

Does Laser Resurfacing Cause Eyelid Creases?

I am in my 30s. Had CO2 laser resurfacing done on my face and noticed creases under my eyes that I didn’t have before. I had a follow-up with my... READ MORE

Best Skin Resurfacing Laser for Hispanic Skin?

Hi I want to know what tipe of laser is recommended it for hispanic skin to get rid of smile lines just that area thank you READ MORE

CO2 Laser Resurfacing, Day 14 . . . Skin Still Rough and Very Tight.

Day 14 after co2 laser. My skin, especially around chin and mouth, is very tight. I had a breakout on day 12 in that area (after some makeup) with... READ MORE

Anti-aging Laser Treatment for Sun Damaged 41 Year Old?

I'm 41 and look good for my age but would like to be pro-active at this point . What laser treatments for sun damage, fine lines, larger pores, and... READ MORE

Combination of Fractional Ablative and Full Non-ablative Laser Resurfacing?

I am a light-skinned Caucasion 33 year old woman. I have troublesome wrinkling around the eyes in particular, medium pores, raised acne scars, and... READ MORE

I have scaly skin on my arms buttox and legs. Is laser skin resurfacing a good choice for me?

I have a lot of stretch marks that are also in these areas. I'm mainly concerned about the scaliness and overall roughness of my skin. In winter I get... READ MORE

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