Eyelids + Laser Resurfacing

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Laser Resurfacing or Non-surgical Procedures to Tighten Under Eye Area?

I had upper eyelid surgery about 4 years ago and fat removal and laser resurfacing as well. I would like to further tighten the skin under my... READ MORE

Best Laser for Eyelid Wrinkles?

Machines "specialized" for one treatment perform that treatment perfectly.What is the best laser for “eyelids wrinkles”? Please... READ MORE

What Laser Resurfacing Would Be Best for my Face?

I am a very light skinned, 46 year old caucasian female. I am wanting to get laser resurfacing done on my face to take care of wrinkles around my... READ MORE

Laser Resurfacing for Eyelid Rejuvenation

I had an endoscopic brow lift in the fall of 2006. I still had loose, crepey skin on my upper eyelids so my doctor told me to wait several months to... READ MORE

How Do I Treat Folliculitis Around the Eye Area?

Two and a half weeks after periorbital laser resurfacing, I developed a horrible case of folliculitis on the eyelid and under the eye of the most... READ MORE

Will CO2 Laser Resurfacing Remove Tattoos?

I have permanent eyeliner and the color bled into the corners of my eyes. will this procedure take the color out, or help fade the coloring? READ MORE

Are There Any Lasers That Are Safer When You Suffer Dry Eyes?

I had blepharoplasty over a year ago, however the healing is a bit ragged and left noticeable scarring. I want to do something to improve the... READ MORE

Will laser resurfacing be enough to fix my hooded eyelids?

I'm 27 and have noticed some minor hooding on my eyelids. It is more prominent on one side so the lower crease on one side makes my eyes appear... READ MORE

I Have a Raised Pin Point Scar on my Upper Near the Inner Eye Lid. I Got It Because I Pick on It at One Point with a Safety Pin?

And I broke a capillary. How do I fix it? Should I get it cut out by a doctor or is there a laser that can help? READ MORE

CO2 Laser Resurfacing Okay for Eyelids?

I had CO2 laser done on my face and they also did my eyelids covering the eyeball. Is this safe? No occular shield was in place. READ MORE

Four days post laser resurfacing I have painfully swollen eyelids; face is swollen (peeling now). (photo)

Is it normally to have painfully swollen eyelids 4 days after procedure, as wells swollen and tight-feeling face even though half of the brown layer... READ MORE

Conspicuous dotted/raised blepharoplasty scars remain after 10 yrs. - can this be treated with laser resurfacing? (photos)

I received an upper eyelid surgery nearly 10 years ago and am largely satisfied with the medical and cosmetic result except there appears to be... READ MORE

Could I have resurfacing laser for my eyelid and not blepharolasty? What can I do with my one brow that is lower? (photo)

I went to a sungeon and ask him for some other way than blepharoplasty to fix my upper eye lid and brow ! he suggested my resurfacing laser and maybe... READ MORE

NON-ABLATIVE laser for eyelid resurfacing, 35 male with light skin (Mediterranean)

Done fraxel:restore on face with no problem. Looking for NON_ABLATIVE eyelid resurfacing to smooth wrinkles and enhance texture. 1) is it safe for my... READ MORE

Considering a patient who is already at their maximum collagen production (age 18), is it possible to tight 3mm of eyelid skin?

I'm 18 years old and I have 3mm of excess skin in my eyelids. I've been analyzed by two plastic surgeons and one dermatologist - all of them agree... READ MORE

Does the energy setting (mj) translate to a certain depth (microns) when laser skin resurfacing?

I had resurfacing done to my eyelids by Dr Davin Lim. Fully ablative erbium down to the papillary dermis followed by co2re at 80mj. How can microns... READ MORE

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