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Can Laser Resurfacing Remove Acne Scars and Dark Marks?

I am 23 years old and suffered with bad acne in my teen years. So far, I don't have anymore acne, I am now left with dark marks, a few blackheads,... READ MORE

Erbium Laser for Indian or Dark Skin Types?

I Want to Have a Erbium Laser Treatment on the Face and Around the Eye Due to Pigmentation. Is Eribum laser suitable on indian or dark skin types?... READ MORE

Laser Resurfacing with a Pacemaker?

I have a pacemaker and wonder if I can still have laser resurfacing such as Fraxel. I'll look forward to your answers. READ MORE

What is considered "shallow" acne scarring vs deep acne scarring? (Photo)

From what I know about resurfacing, it's the most efficient treatment for "shallow" scarring and works best on lighter skin. Are these boxcar scars... READ MORE

Should I Never Have Laser Resurfacing Again If I Got Hyperpigmentation After One Treatment?

I had erbium laser resurfacing done under both eyes on 7-19-11. I have what looks like post inflammatory hyper pigmentation that has developed under... READ MORE

Is Photosensitivity a Contraindication of Laser Skin Resurfacing?

My daughter takes a maintenance dose of sulfasalazine which makes her skin photosensitive. She would like to undergo laser resurfacing to try to... READ MORE

I Am 19 Years Old and Have Brown Spots on my Face Since I Was 10 Under my Chin, Options?

Hii...i am 19 years old and have brown spots on my face since i was 10....i thought may be they will go away with time but they didnt...please help... READ MORE

I Have Dry Eye After Lower Blepharoplasty, is Laser Resurfacing for Wrinkles Too Risky?

There seems to be a lot more lasers nowadays with technology constantly improving. Does anyone know of any laser which is suitable for treating... READ MORE

I Have Melasma,and Permanent and Semipermanent Fillers with Olive Skin Tone. What Laser Will Not Harm the Fillers ?

I have melasma and I have hispanic, french, middleeastern background. I have tried 5 photo facicals which improved it and then made it worse. I have... READ MORE

Will Laser Resurfacing Help Dark Spots After Bug Bites?

Dark blemishes on medium to dark skin tone. I have bug bites that I scratched and they flammed up like mosquito bites and they left a dark mark on my... READ MORE

Laser Treatment the Best Option?

I am a 41 years old mom with two toddlers. Years of outdoor activities and smoking have totally aged my skin. Plus a wrinkly, thin skin runs in my... READ MORE

I have very bad scaring from acne. I also have enlarged pores and lines around my mouth. Laser resurfacing? (Photo)

What treatments would you recommend to help combat these issues? I was thinking about laser resurfacing, but I'm also thinking about being preventive... READ MORE

Surgical Scar revision gone wrong. Will laser resurfacing work or not? (Photo)

Surgical Scar revision gone wrong. My plastic surgion(sidhdharth sakhiya)(surat) gave me bigger scar than previous.. suggest treatment .. any laser... READ MORE

Laser resurfacing on forehead? (Photo)

I Have a very noticeable scar in the middle of my forehead. I got the scar from chicken pox i had when i was about 6. Im considering laser resurfacing... READ MORE

Can diabetics have laser resurfacing? Does diabetes cause less than average laser resurfacing results?

Can diabetics have laser resurfacing? Does diabetes cause less than average laser resurfacing results? READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for laser resurfacing? (Photo)

Hi, I am 44 and noticed my skin has changed over the last few years, for example I now believe I suffer from redness and slight flare up of roscia, it... READ MORE

I am thinking about getting laser skin resurfacing on my face. Should I have to pay for a consultation?

I am looking for recommendations for good doctors for a possible laser skin resurfacing. But, I don't even know if I am a good candidate. 1) any... READ MORE

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