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How Effective is Spectra Laser in Treating Melasma. How Many Treatments Are Required? Are There Better Alternatives for Asians

I am considering Spectra laser since it is suppose to be safer for Asian skin. I have been using hydroquinone 4% with some results. I tried retin A,... READ MORE

Which Type of Laser Treatment Would Best Help with Large Nose Pores?

I am an Asian male and have large pores on my nose. I believe they are due to both genetics and my use of a blackhead extractor. They make me very... READ MORE

Max FX Ideal for Asian Skin?

The doctor is recommending me Max FX and I would like to know if it works perfectly on Asian skin. Will it be safe? Thanks! READ MORE

Can Spectra laser toning for melasma be safely followed by 25% TCA peel? (photos)

I am 47 of mixed Asian, white and Hispanic descent. For stubborn melasma and PIH, am doing Lutronic Spectra laser toning. Over the past 6 weeks I had... READ MORE

Skin Resurfacing to Remove Pigmentation and Tan on South Asian Hands?

I am of South Asian origin with a white skin tone. A decade ago, i had bad acne and used tetracycline/minocylcine which darkened my sun exposed areas... READ MORE

Solutions to remove pitted scars?

I am a 22 Asian girl. I have several pitted acne scar on both of my cheeks, and I also have oily skin with enlarged pores and broken capilaries around... READ MORE

How can I get rid of the orange peel look on my neck ? (photo)

I have had 8 sessions of Erbium laser treatment (3 - 8 weeks apart) on my face with great results. I want to try Erbium on my neck to get rid of the... READ MORE

Is It Suggested to Do More Than One Fractional CO2 Laser for Chinese Skin?

I have small white scars and little hypertrophic scars on my cheeks. I did fractional co2 laser (ellipse juvia) with 2 or 3 passes and highest... READ MORE

Plasma Vs Erbium Gas Resurfacing Vs Long Pulse Nd Yag

I am 43 asian male with darker skin type, have not much wrinkle, but acne scar, pigmentation, rough pores and dark spot below the eyes. My goal is to... READ MORE

i m asian i have acne scar what is the safe laser of asian skin?

Plz help me i want to improve these acne scars,large pores and acne.what is the best laser or method for asian skin which has no side effect like(more... READ MORE

What is the best most effective way to get rid of wrinkles on fingers/hands? (Photo)

I have very small, wrinkly fingers/hands. Whats the best way to get rid of the wrinkles on my fingers mostly, my hands where my knuckles aren't as... READ MORE

I have pores, pigmentation, redness, sallow acne scars. Which laser resurfacing is right for me? (photos)

Age: 25; skin type: combination to oily; skin tone: medium to light (I'm Asian). I am considering Fractional CO2 laser. But two doctors ruled that out... READ MORE

Which brand of skin care (esp. night cream) is best after laser resurfacing? I am a 28 y/o Korean w/ normal skin.

I was told to use sunscreen religiously (using Elta MD) but am uncertain about which night creams are best. I am prone to hyper pigmentation and... READ MORE

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