Age 35-44 + Laser Resurfacing

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How Can I Get Rid of Cherry Angomia on my Face?

I am 35 and have red-pink dots on my face. So far I have counted only 6. Two are BIG, show up in pictures and are noticeable. I have been to a... READ MORE

Sciton MicroLaser Peel Improve Skin Texture?

After reading this blog and evaluating my concerns (texture, few fine lines, and rosacea), I have decided to have a medium (35mm to40mm) MicroLaser... READ MORE

Best Laser for Skin Maintenance? (photo)

I'm 38 and my skin is in good shape. I've had some fillers a little Botox on my forehead and use Retin A daily, but overall, wrinkles are not a... READ MORE

Laser or Chemical Peel for Skin with Brown Spots, Fine Wrinkles and Broken Capillaries

I return from Iraq with sun damaged (brown spots) and broken capalaries. I am 43 years old. Which procedure would work best? READ MORE

How long does it take to see results after an ablative erbium laser resurfacing treatment?

Hi. I received an ablative erbium laser resurfacing treatment on my whole face 5 weeks ago. I am 42 and the main goal was to reduce wrinkles and see... READ MORE

Laser resurfacing..... Halo vs Fraxel vs other? (photos)

I have large pores and some general uneven texture and dyschromia. I am 41and wear physical sunscreen for many years and stay out of the sun. I am... READ MORE

I Have Red Hair, Freckles with Deepish Wrinkles on my Forehead. 37 Too Early For Fractional Laser Resurfacing?

I don't trust the practitioner I saw. At 37 years old is it too early to begin fractional laserr resurfacing as I heard it makes your skin... READ MORE

Anti-aging Laser Treatment for Sun Damaged 41 Year Old?

I'm 41 and look good for my age but would like to be pro-active at this point . What laser treatments for sun damage, fine lines, larger pores, and... READ MORE

What are alternatives to Fractional CO2 Resurfacing with less cost and down time?

I am 44 and have been getting the Fractional CO2 Resurfacing yearly for last 3 years. Due to cost and long down time, I am seeking an alternative... READ MORE

How Effective is Matisse Fractional Laser?

I am a European female, age 39. I had microlaserpeel 4 years ago and a few non-abaltive treatments with BBL and Cynosure Photogenica V-star. I have... READ MORE

What is the Best Skin Resurfacing Procedure Available in 2012? Which One Would You Would Recommend Me?

I am a male, 40 years old, always ate fruits and vegetables, water and exercise for years. I tried my best to stay healthy and protected my skin with... READ MORE

Laser Treatment the Best Option?

I am a 41 years old mom with two toddlers. Years of outdoor activities and smoking have totally aged my skin. Plus a wrinkly, thin skin runs in my... READ MORE

How would a laser work differently for lip lines versus fillers? Do doctors make more on fillers?

I'm a 43-year old female and am interested in laser resurfacing (do not want fillers) for some lines around my lips. There are some very short,... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for laser resurfacing? (Photo)

Hi, I am 44 and noticed my skin has changed over the last few years, for example I now believe I suffer from redness and slight flare up of roscia, it... READ MORE

Most effective yet least invasive procedures to address a host of skin issues? (Photo)

I am 38y/o with mild adult acne, dark spots, mild melasma, lines under my eyes, and vertical lines on my cheeks when I smile. What would be the most... READ MORE

I'm 39 and due to weight loss, I'm not happy with my face. I had a consultation with a plastic surgeon and his recommendation

Was a full face laser resurfacing which would also help with some acne scars . I do have skin lupis with typical butterfly around the noise breakout... READ MORE

NON-ABLATIVE laser for eyelid resurfacing, 35 male with light skin (Mediterranean)

Done fraxel:restore on face with no problem. Looking for NON_ABLATIVE eyelid resurfacing to smooth wrinkles and enhance texture. 1) is it safe for my... READ MORE

Non-ablative laser for eyelid resurfacing: 35 male, with olive/light skin (Mediterranean).

Done fraxel:restore on face with no problem. Looking for NON_ABLATIVE eyelid resurfacing to smooth wrinkles and enhance texture. 1) is it safe for my... READ MORE

Dr for laser resurfacing Birmingham Al.

Hello, I am looking for best, experienced dr in BirminghAm area. 42 years old with some sun damage. Just recently started noticing skin sagging -... READ MORE

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