Ablative + Laser Resurfacing

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Ablative V. Non Ablative Fractional Laser (Fraxel, Mixto, Active, Etc.)

I know this has been asked before...I am considering one of these procedures for age spots, folds and fine lines. Obviously, the no down time with the... READ MORE

How long does it take to see results after an ablative erbium laser resurfacing treatment?

Hi. I received an ablative erbium laser resurfacing treatment on my whole face 5 weeks ago. I am 42 and the main goal was to reduce wrinkles and see... READ MORE

Ablative Co2 on Face. What is the Normal Recovery Period? (photo)

I decided to undergo an ablative Co2 treatment 4 weeks ago. I was told recovery would be 10 to 14 days and I am still red, swollen, have crusting... READ MORE

Erbium or CO2, Fraxel or Ablative?

I am sixty, fair, and my skin is not too bad. All of the above have been recommended, all for different reasons. I know I do not want white, waxy... READ MORE

I had ablative erbium laser resurfacing nearly seven weeks ago .Will I have any more improvement than I'm seeing now?

I was quite pleased with the improvement I saw 3/4 weeks after my treatment but now at nearly 7 weeks it seems my scars are returning . Will I have... READ MORE

How Often Can You Get Non Ablative Laser Done?

I have light brown skin and i was wondering how long i have to wait to get another treatment done. READ MORE

What is the difference between ablative and non-ablative lasers? Please advise, so confused!

What is the best skin lasers for treating (large pores, dark spots and minor acne scars) ablative or non-ablative lasers? Please advise, so confused! READ MORE

No results Erbium laser resurfacing after 2 weeks?

I had an agressive Erbium laser resurfacing combined with non ablative Erbium laser 2 weeks ago. The settings were high and I had a week downtime, so... READ MORE

Is this a reasonable cost for my Ablative Laser Resurfacing?

I am having a combination of ablative and non-ablative laser resurfacing done on my face for acne scars. Since it is a partially ablative procedure... READ MORE

Is it a good idea to have ablative laser resurfacing done the same day of my facelift, eyes, and fat injections?

I am concerned that it will increase risk dramatically to have it all done at one time. Also, since the doctor only wants to do laser resurfacing on... READ MORE

Sensitive skin 2 months post laser resurfacing. Is there anything I can do to help the healing process?

I had fully ablative laser resurfacing around my eyes 2 months ago. I now have hypertrophic scars under my eyes and under the brows. The is being... READ MORE

Full Ablative Laser Co2re - what to expect?

I am booked to have a deep co2re laser next week and been prescribed anti-viral meds to take the day before treatment and each day after until fully... READ MORE

Redness lasts for 2 months after ablative laser resurfacing treatment. Will it ever go away? (photo)

I had ablative laser resurfacing done on 2 cheeks to treat post acne scars. One side healed perfectly,but the other still has red spots left. I've... READ MORE

Can someone give me the names of fully ablative lasers?

After all the research I have done I still don't know what laser is fully ablative C02 laser? I thought Lumenis deepFX is but then I read it is... READ MORE

I have got marks on chin, caused by chicken pox when I was a child. Can they be removed by non ablative laser?

So I want to know that , is that mark can be gone by non ablivative or ablivative rays? READ MORE

Would dehydrated skin cause complications/abnormal healing if I got an erbium laser resurfacing treatment for acne scars?

My doctor recommended one treatment of ablative erbium laser resurfacing for my acne scars. My face is very dehydrated though; there is oil... READ MORE

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