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Will laser lipo get rid of the belly roll right under my breasts? (Photo)

I have stubborn pinchable fat right under my breasts on top of my ribs. It has bothered me my whole life and no matter how much weight I lose it does... READ MORE

Arm Lift with Lipo Now Vs Laser Lipo Now and Arm Lift Later?

I'm 25 and I've lost 80lbs with diet&exercise over a 3yr period. My 16" arms haven't changed, just the firmness of the skin.... READ MORE

Will Laser Lipo Get Rid of the Belly Fat? (Photos)

I've lost 90lbs within the last year and a half with diet and exercise. I've dropped 4 pants sizes from a size 20 to 14. However my belly seems to be... READ MORE

Will Liposuction on my Thighs or Knees Help Them Look Less Crooked? (photo)

I'm a 21 year old female, 5'5", and 135 lbs. My legs have always had a little bit of a "knock knee" look even after losing 30 pounds. Would... READ MORE

Can I breastfeed AFTER Ultrasound Cavitation treatment?

I've dieted for 5months to lose weight for my wedding in 6weeks, lost 36 pounds. But can't shift my double chin. I'm breastfeeding (not recommended... READ MORE

My inner thighs look horrible. Its very loose, jiggly, and the skin wrinkles. Im only 17. What can be done?

Iv lost a lot of weight over a long period of time. I lift weights and work out every day. im embarrassed to wear shorts because it looks awful when I... READ MORE

After Lipo Will I Be Able to Continue to Lose Fat from the Treated Areas, the Stomach and Back?

I have had laser lipo from my stomach and back and I am still about 5-10pounds out from my goal. Through diet and exercise can I continue to lose fat... READ MORE

No Improvement 5 Months After Laser Liposuction

I had laser-assisted liposuction last December 2008 & I still haven't lost any inches on my waist/trunk, arms and thighs. While I understand that... READ MORE

18 Year Old Male. Laserlipo or BodyTite the Right Thing for Me?? (photos)

I´m a 18 year old male from germany. I used to weigh a little bit more than 200 pounds when i was younger. Have always been kinda chubby since a kid ... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Lose Excess Weight with Laser Lipo?

I'm about 75 lbs. over weight. Is Laser Lipo my best bet to get rid of the weight I gained from my 3 pregnancies? I had 2 get a c-section. Now I have... READ MORE

Is it possible for Vaser or Smart lipo to cause any damage to the penis tissues or nerves?

I'm a guy in my early 30's. I used to be fat but I lost a lot of weight but still have some fat in my hips and inner thighs. Lately, I'm considering... READ MORE

Is laser lipo safe? I need to lose about 25 lbs. I'm 5'3 and 155 lbs now.

I had lipo done on my belly 2x by a plastic surgeon in the last 20 yrs. but had gain back more wt this time...about 25 lbs. READ MORE

I'm 38 yrs old, 5'8, 298 lb. Would laser liposuction to the abdomen or a tummy tuck would produce better results? (photo)

I am aware of the risks of the procedures and have decided that this type of sculpting is preferable to a bariatric surgery for me. I am very active... READ MORE

How Much Fat Can Be Taken in One Lipo Procedure?

I weigh 248 after losing 100 lbs and having 3children. I want to get liposuction and a tummy tuck. Lipo to rid of some of the remaining fat and tuck... READ MORE

I'm Worried About Getting SmartLipo

I lost a lot of weight, but am unable to lose this very soft fat on my midsection. I'm very active (HIIT, weights and cardio) at least 3 times a week... READ MORE

What would be the best option for me to get rid of belly fat and back rolls? I just want a flat tummy! (photos)

I have been doing an "ab challenge" for the last couple of weeks and it seems that I've gained an inch in my waist. I have lost a significant amount... READ MORE

Laser Lipo during weight loss?

I still have 70lbs to go but I have been considering laser lipo. Obviously I am realistic that this will not make me slim and trim tomorrow, but as... READ MORE

How many treatment with Lipo laser do I need to loss 70lbs ? (photos)

How many treatment with Lipo laser do I need to loss 70lbs and how long will it take to loss that amount of weight... Right now I'm 225 and I'm 28... READ MORE

Is Non Invasive Laser Lipo a viable solution to get skinny legs to fit in pants better? (photo)

I naturally have big legs. I was overweight at 5'7 220lbs and after running and dieting, I've slimmed down a lot and now weigh 170lbs. Unfortunately... READ MORE

Would laser liposuction be a good course of action, to get rid of the chest and lower abdominal fat I have? (photos)

I have lost 75 pounds within the last year, now enlisted in the us army. I train extremely hard. But could never seem to get rid of the fat in my... READ MORE

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