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Just Had Laser Lipo. Is This Normal?

I just had Laser Lipo. Its 3 weeks out and Im still in pain. I had my upper/lower abs and flanks done. Im still really swollen but there are a lot of... READ MORE

Massage - Liposuction and Breast Augmentation?

How soon after liposuction should I start the lymphatic drainage massages? Will those improve/remove the appearance of lumps and bumps? I had... READ MORE

Complications from Laser Lipo For Fat Transfer From Knees to Butt?

I had my doctor do some lipo so that he could inject fat into dimples on my butt. My dr. decided to take fat from my knees just minutes before my... READ MORE

Face and Neck Liposuction?

About a month and half ago, I had face and neck liposuction. My face is still swollen, bigger than before, and in some areas I even feel like a small... READ MORE

I had laser lipo on my abdominal area one week ago today. My pubic area is swollen and extremely painful. Any suggestion?

How long before the pain in that area subsides? I read a lot of people have swelling but not the pain associated with that area. It is difficult to... READ MORE

Do you think the eating of salty Supper Bowl food caused me to swell after Liposuction?

I am still swollen after laser abd lipo, but every day it was going down. I am still wearing the compression suit and bandage. Last night I noticed a... READ MORE

I'm 48 years old and had abdominal and back laser lipo 3 weeks ago. Will these bumps go away?

My back looks fine but my abs there are parts that are swollen and I bumps or indentation Will these bumps go away? If so, how long? Or have I've been... READ MORE

2 months post full abdominal laser lipo, I'm still swollen and uneven. What can I do?

Dear all, I've got a full abdominal laser lipo with ecography assistance and after two months I'm still swollen, and when I move down my stomach skin... READ MORE

How long should you wait after abdominal lipo to have a laparoscopic hysterectomy?

I'm physically fit but had stubborn fat that would not respond to diet or excercise. I'm 5'4, 132 lbs with athletic build. Had laser assisted lipo on... READ MORE

After how long should I start seeing results on my arms after Laser Lipo? 1 month post-op.

So I am 4 weeks post op. On my left arm I noticed a difference above my elbow right away, which makes my arm look awkward (upper part is still the... READ MORE

I had my laser Lipo done 11 days ago; I feel bruised, I am very swollen and hard?

I feel bruised, I am very swollen and hard??!!! Very itchy!!!?? Should the incisions I mentioned in first question, have healed by now? Is all of this... READ MORE

Does Soreness Mean You're Swollen After Laser Lipo?

Hello, I had (LASERLIPO) prolipo plus by sciton on my flanks and abdomin, im 5 weeks post op. My question is if im still sore to touch does that mean... READ MORE

Laser lipo of the upper arm and back bra line.

I had laser liposuction of the upper arm and back bra line, is been 7 days and I been wearing my compress garment everyday except when I shower, after... READ MORE

Laser lipo and bike riding. Will this be possible or will I be too swollen and sore?

I'm having laser lipo to my flanks, the bubble on my bumm, and calves. I also am schedule to ride in a 65 mile charity bike ride 2 weeks later.  READ MORE

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