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Is Vevazz Laser-like Lipo safe?

I am considering getting 6 treatments of laser-like lipo with the Vevazz Vision system. I was told that Vevazz has been around since the 80s, but I... READ MORE

Body Shaping Through Laser Lipolysis?

I am considering Laser Lipolysis for abdomen, chin, and neck. How safe and effective will this be? READ MORE

Potential Laser Lipo Risks

I have excess abdominal fat which I can't seem to shift. I exercise daily and am within recommended healthy weight range. I'm thinking of having Laser... READ MORE

Would Laser Lipo Be a Safe and Effective Option for Me?(photo)

I am 5'5, weigh 120 pounds and am 17 years old. I used to be very chubby and lost all that weight by working out. There are still places on my... READ MORE

Is laser lipo or smartlipo safe on the face (neck, chin, jowls, cheeks)? (photos)

I'm Looking for a surgeon that can do this laser liposuction, I was told by a few surgeons on a consultation that laser liposuction above the jowl... READ MORE

Can I breastfeed AFTER Ultrasound Cavitation treatment?

I've dieted for 5months to lose weight for my wedding in 6weeks, lost 36 pounds. But can't shift my double chin. I'm breastfeeding (not recommended... READ MORE

I Have a Nonactive Throid and I'm Interested in Laser Lipo. Is it safe for me?

I have a nonactive thyroid glad (have been that way since 8yrs old) and i am looking into Laser lipo but it says that people with Thyroid Disease... READ MORE

Does laser lipo hurt and how does the procedure work?

I am 21 years old and wanted to know is it safe to get for my age and do you lose a lot of weight from laser lipo. READ MORE

Can you get laser lipo while pregnant? No surgery.

I was thinking of going to a laser spa and they have laser lipo no surgery. I would really just like to getmt my arms and legs done. Is it safe while... READ MORE

Is lipo laser safe after Chemo and Radiation?

10 years ago I had endometrial cancer with mets to the brain, left adrenal and 2 lymph nodes in the clavicle area. I had chemo and radiation as well... READ MORE

Is laser lipo safe? I need to lose about 25 lbs. I'm 5'3 and 155 lbs now.

I had lipo done on my belly 2x by a plastic surgeon in the last 20 yrs. but had gain back more wt this time...about 25 lbs. READ MORE

Is laser lipo a good option for me?

I'm 27 and 240 lbs. My ideal weight is 155-160 lbs. I dont exercise alot but i need something to help me initiate the weight loss so i can have more... READ MORE

How is it that I have a gut at 6.5% body fat, and is it safe to do anything about it? (Photo)

The electronic body fat measuring device at my gym says my body fat is at 6.5%, which is very, very lean, but I still have enough fat around my belly... READ MORE

Will non invasive laser lipo affect my upcoming surgery?

Will non invasive laser lipo affect my upcoming surgery? I'm having a tummy tuck, bl/ba, & bbl in Nov. My question is, can getting non invasive laser... READ MORE

Is light lipo safe? Is it effective long term?

Fat is released? Is that safe, especially for those with fatty liver? Those with coronary artery disease? Any studies to support its use? READ MORE

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