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Are There Negatives Associated with Lipo Laser Treatment?

I am considering getting a lipo laser treatment session done (the spa says it is a non-invasive cold laser that liquefies fat cells), but I am... READ MORE

Are LipoLaser and Ion Magnum treatments safe/effective?

Are LipoLaser and Ion Magnum treatments effective and, more importantly, safe? What are the side-effects/potential problems? Do they carry risks... READ MORE

Potential Laser Lipo Risks

I have excess abdominal fat which I can't seem to shift. I exercise daily and am within recommended healthy weight range. I'm thinking of having Laser... READ MORE

Is Laser Lipolysis Safe for the Face?

I am considering Laser Lipolysis to remove extra fullness in the areas of the nasolabial folds and very medial cheeks. They are focal areas and are... READ MORE

Laser Lipo. Is It Safe?

I had surgery for diverticulitis/perf. bowel in June 2010. I want to get laser lipo on my upper/lower abs. Is it safe? What is the recovery time? And... READ MORE

I Wanna Do a Thigh Sculption with Laser NIL. Is It Safe at All? Are There Any Risks? (photo)

Im 27 years old, 5'4 , 115, slim and authletic, but I have some fat bulges and cellulite on my inner thighs that just won`t go away no matter what I... READ MORE

Hard Lump Below Belly Button After Laser Lipo- Could I Get Infected?

Hello, i had laser lipo 2 weeks ago on my belly. Under my belly button i have now a hard lump of signifivant size. It is hard when i pinch the whole... READ MORE

Is External Lipo Safe to Use Under Armpits, I.e. Near Lymph Nodes?

External liposuction has worked for me in the past and I was wondering if there is any danger to using it around the armpit area, or near lymph nodes.... READ MORE

I Want to Do a Liposuction with Laser but I Am Scared with the Blood Clot Thing I Read Online?

I have Gyno, tried to lose weight , didnt work out. around my belly , fat need to remove it. (not necessity as my breast) 189 cm- 102 kg I am scared... READ MORE

Pregnant during laser lipo, is this an issue I should be worried about?

Ok so I had laser lipo on my flanks 12/6, procedure went greattttt. Before procedure I took a pregnacy test which came back negitive, however 1wk... READ MORE

Laser Liposuction risk and side effect on a specific patient?

My wife is a CML patient , also has AF and a history of strock 10 years ago, she's willing to do Laser Liposuction.. she's on Glivec,... READ MORE

Non-invasive cavitation and/or laser lipo on Coumadin?

I have been taking Coumadin for 1 month following the diagnosis of 2 DVTs in my left calf. The only risk factor I had that would cause the DVTs was... READ MORE

Is laser lipo higher risk than traditional liposuction?

Hi, I am scheduled for laser lipo with a reputable doctor, but I was told by a nurse that laser lipo gives a higher risk for burns and is not worth it... READ MORE

Laser liposuction recovery as a flight attendant.

I am a flight attendant and am required to do a lot of bending and lifting for my job. I have a laser lipo consultation scheduled soon, but am... READ MORE

Upper stomach fat and hanging lower skin - should I get laser lipo suction before tummy tuck? (photos)

I seen two doctors the first doctor told me I should get laser first because of the amount of fat I have on my upper stomach plus the core & lower... READ MORE

Are there any risks of doing phentermine and laser lipo at the same time?

Hi I bought a groupon for laser lipo a week ago. My doctor just put me on phentermine. I cant cancel the groupon and I don't want to have spent the... READ MORE

Will laser lipo fix liposuction results? How likely am I to have bad results w/ laser liposuction like I did with regular lipo?

When I got liposuction, my skin darkened severely, it was bumpy for 7 months, hard in many places, and I even developed two perfectly straight and... READ MORE

Is red light/cold light treatment safe? I've made a consultation for Ultra Slim Cold Light treatment for weight loss.

I'm not as concerned with the efficacy of the treatment as I am with potential health risks. I'm aware of the clinical trial and that it is FDA... READ MORE

Laser lipolysis, vaser, smart lipo etc. For hyperhidrosis, bromhidrosis?

Dear Doctors, I'm looking for a permanent solution of bromhydrosis & hyperhydrosis. After ruling out topical agents, botox, ETS and Miradry, I'm... READ MORE

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