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How Soon for Laser Lipo Results?

I had laser lipo on 3 different days on my tummy, my back (low and bra area), and my inner thighs, including the area above the knee. It was expensive... READ MORE

Still Have Muffin Top After Laser Lipo - Too Conservative?

Had laser lipo done 1 month ago on my upper & lower abs, hips, & waist. When I met with my PS prior to surgery I was very clear that I wanted... READ MORE

Is this the Lipo-Laser technique a gimmick or does it really work?

I recently was told I was not a candidate for cool sculpting by two different places as I don't have enough fat to suck into the machine. But I still... READ MORE

6 months after laser lipo, not the results I was hoping for (Photo)

I had laser lipo 6 months ago on my outer thigh, under bum and inner thigh. I saw some thinning about three months after but nothing since then. I... READ MORE

Laser Liposuction Timeline?

Hi there! I'm 25 and am having laser lipolysis done on my frontal and outer thighs in a week. Is there a general timeline for the weeks and months... READ MORE

Bad Results 2 Years Post-op Laser Liposuction - Options? (photo)

I made thighs laser liposuction 2 years ago and the result very baddddddd I was toned before it. seems like some areas has afats and another has... READ MORE

Did the procedure just not work for me?

I had laser lipo in August of 2014. I saw initial results in the first two weeks. 4 weeks after that time I developed lumps and a shelf like... READ MORE

Laser liposuction/Coolsculpting/Thermage/Micro Liposuction. Which would work best for me?

I had my daughter in Dec 2013 and after delivery lost 26 lbs in the first week. My skin is flabby not tight i used 2 different girdle/cinchers which... READ MORE

If I downsize my compression garment now, is it too late to see results? Not seeing any results.

2 weeks post op after having laser lipo on upper/lower abdomen, bra rolls, and lower back. Pre-op weight was 238lbs at 5ft 10 in, and wore a size 16.... READ MORE

Is Laser assisted liposuction right for me? (Photos)

I am considering laser lipo, but I'm not sure I will get my desired results. I am deterred from a tummy tuck due the massive scar and extended... READ MORE

How many sessions to see results?

How many laser liposuction treatments does it take to see results for a woman age 31, 140 lbs, 5.7 height, on the buttock aera READ MORE

Does laser lipo really work?

I see deals all over the web about laser lipo and i wanted to know if it really worked. If it does how long before you see results READ MORE

Is compression garment mandatory 2 weeks post liposuction with laser assistance?

I have had laser assisted liposuction over the full back, outer thighs, abdomen and flanks with fat injection in the hips 2 weeks ago.?I wore the... READ MORE

Laser liposuction for upper and lower abdomen. How much of an inch reduction do you normally see?

How much of an inch reduction do you normally see? Are you put under for this ? What is the healing and the end result time for a procedure like this ? READ MORE

Is Laser Lipo always accompanied with traditional/Tumescent Lipo, and does doing so provide a better result?

Is LaswerLipo/Smart Lipo always accompanied with traditional/Tumescent Lipo, and does doing so provide a better result? If combining LaserLipo with... READ MORE

Laser lipo verse traditional lipo? (Photos)

I'm 3mpo and I feel I need more lipo. I had TT/MR and lipo of the flanks & abs. I'm researching having more on my flanks and lipo to my back and... READ MORE

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