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Does laser lipo hurt and how does the procedure work?

I am 21 years old and wanted to know is it safe to get for my age and do you lose a lot of weight from laser lipo. READ MORE

What's the best & latest non-invasive treatment for fat reduction?

I recently had a treatment with the new InMode BodyFX. Great results so far. Just wondering what others have experienced and if there's anything... READ MORE

50 yr old pre Neck Lift by Lipo Laser, based on my photos, do you think this is the right procedure for me? (photos)

I'm over 50 and I'm going to be doing the neck lipo/lazer procedure to conture the neck and slightly tighten the skin. These are my before pictures.... READ MORE

Is Laser assisted liposuction right for me? (Photos)

I am considering laser lipo, but I'm not sure I will get my desired results. I am deterred from a tummy tuck due the massive scar and extended... READ MORE

Laser liposuction? It's been 7 years since I had a c-section. (photo)

Im losing weight and the pudge gets smaller but this loose skin will not tighten at all. I would like to know what kind of procedure(s) would be the... READ MORE

Would laser lipo give a noticeable difference to my appearance - am I suited to this procedure? (photos)

I am a 43yr old mother of 2. My youngest is 19. I weigh 169 and I'm 5'4. I've lost 10pounds, but it's taken me 3 months. My daughter is getting... READ MORE

Scheduled for laser Lipo on inner, outer thighs as well as my inner knees. I'm worried my butt will look saggy after? (Photos)

I have an hour glass shape to begin with but have bulges(saddle bags) on the outside of my thighs that I just can't get off. I met with a doctor and... READ MORE

Could I tighten my stomach a significant amount with laser lipo or ultra sonic lipo? Trying to avoid tummy tuck (Photos)

I have had one pregnancy. I understand that the best results will Yield from a tummy tuck however I really want to avoid one. Would I have any good... READ MORE

Is the Lipo Laser procedure from skin body soul spa the same as smartlipo?

I keep reading about lipo laser and they all seam to say smartlipo and the 2 things don't seam to match. smartlipo seams to still have suction... READ MORE

My question is would it be ok to take a 12.5 mg Furosimide tablet to help reduce the swelling or is it not advised to do so?

I had a laser lipo procedure to my abdomen, flanks and upper thighs inside and outside on Monday and today Friday was my first day back to work where... READ MORE

Laser lipo verse traditional lipo? (Photos)

I'm 3mpo and I feel I need more lipo. I had TT/MR and lipo of the flanks & abs. I'm researching having more on my flanks and lipo to my back and... READ MORE

Laser liposuction for upper and lower abdomen. How much of an inch reduction do you normally see?

How much of an inch reduction do you normally see? Are you put under for this ? What is the healing and the end result time for a procedure like this ? READ MORE

Is LaserLipo limited on amount of fat that it can suction out during procedure compared to tumescent/traditional lipo??

Is LaserLipo/SmartLipo limited on the amount of fact if can suction out during the procedure, particulalry in comparison to tumescent/traditional lip? READ MORE

How and can I can get out of paying this monthly fee when services were not effective?

I was financed $8000 for Laser cosmetic procedures that melts fat. It was an 8 week process and I was told that after 8 months I will see the results... READ MORE

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