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what is the best way to reduce fat in the arms of a slim, young woman? is there a reliable non-invasive method? (photos)

I am 25 yrs old, 5'6 and 120 lbs. i am aware that i do not need to lose weight. nor have i ever lost significant amounts of weight. however, my arms... READ MORE

Can non invasive Laser Liposuction define a jaw line? (photos)

I am a very petite 20 year old. everyone comments on how thin and small I am. I weigh 50kgs. However I am very self conscious about my neck/jawline.... READ MORE

I want to remove a small amount of exercise-resistant fat on my abdomen; what's my best affordable option? (photos)

I'm not looking for massive changes, but I work out/diet a great deal and have a small pocket of resistant fat on my lower abdomen and sides that... READ MORE

What's the best & latest non-invasive treatment for fat reduction?

I recently had a treatment with the new InMode BodyFX. Great results so far. Just wondering what others have experienced and if there's anything... READ MORE

What would the best procedure be for a Type 1 Diabetic who is active but cannot lose fat only around her midsection? (photo)

I work out daily alternating between many different types of training, including HIIT, hot yoga, intense spinning classes, running, boxing and others... READ MORE

Which laser treatment could help to improve the appearance of my skin on my belly? (Photo)

I have wrinkly belly after my second baby who is now 6 months. I think the response I will get that the tuck would be best option which I possibly... READ MORE

Non-invasive cavitation and/or laser lipo on Coumadin?

I have been taking Coumadin for 1 month following the diagnosis of 2 DVTs in my left calf. The only risk factor I had that would cause the DVTs was... READ MORE

Laser liposuction/Coolsculpting/Thermage/Micro Liposuction. Which would work best for me?

I had my daughter in Dec 2013 and after delivery lost 26 lbs in the first week. My skin is flabby not tight i used 2 different girdle/cinchers which... READ MORE

Does non-invasive laser lipo work? (photos)

Would noninvasive laser lipo help with excessive abdominal fat? I am concerned with dimpling/puckering, discoloration, and risk for burns. READ MORE

Will non invasive laser lipo affect my upcoming surgery?

Will non invasive laser lipo affect my upcoming surgery? I'm having a tummy tuck, bl/ba, & bbl in Nov. My question is, can getting non invasive laser... READ MORE

Continue with cool sculpting or laser liposuction? (photos)

I have had three treatments of coolsculpting and feel as if this has been a waste of money. I do notice a difference, but not as much as I wo like. I... READ MORE

Is Non Invasive Laser Lipo a viable solution to get skinny legs to fit in pants better? (photo)

I naturally have big legs. I was overweight at 5'7 220lbs and after running and dieting, I've slimmed down a lot and now weigh 170lbs. Unfortunately... READ MORE

Non invasive laser lipo?

Can I have more than one hour done on one particular area in one session READ MORE

Does non invasive laser lipo work with 6 session?

I originally wanted to get a Brazilian butt lift in February but if I can get away with losing 2 inches off my stomach and waist by my birthday in 3... READ MORE

Is there a non-invasive modality to help with the contouring of the abdominal area?

57 y/o female . Very good shape. Had very low % of body fat until an early menopause. Since my early 40's it has been a constant struggle to keep body... READ MORE

Could you please talk about the risks and effectiveness of the laser-like lipo? I'm considering it because is non invasive

I had a traditional lipo 16 years ago, but I regained all the fat back. I'm considering this technique because it is non invasive and less expensive... READ MORE

Best non-invasive body sculpting option?

26yo F. I am very fit and do not have much extra fat. One side of my abdomen carries slightly more fat than the other. I feel like it takes away from... READ MORE

Laser lipo - Would it be okay even with the staples that held my stomach together?

I had the vertical sleeve done in January, I was wanting a non invasive laser lipo procedure done. READ MORE

Cavitation Licensing: Since It’s Noninvasive, can Anyone Provide This Service in Texas?

What Licenses do you need to perform Non Surgical Lipo Laser Body Contouring and Non Surgical Cavitation in the state of Texas in a Wellness Spa. READ MORE

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