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18 Year Old Male. Laserlipo or BodyTite the Right Thing for Me?? (photos)

I´m a 18 year old male from germany. I used to weigh a little bit more than 200 pounds when i was younger. Have always been kinda chubby since a kid ... READ MORE

I Have Had Lazer Lipo Today and Have Lump on my Penis and Its Shrunk is That Normal??

I have had lazer lipo today and have lump on my penis and its shrunk is that normal?? READ MORE

Is it possible for Vaser or Smart lipo to cause any damage to the penis tissues or nerves?

I'm a guy in my early 30's. I used to be fat but I lost a lot of weight but still have some fat in my hips and inner thighs. Lately, I'm considering... READ MORE

Best way to get Rid of Skinny-Fat / Subcutaneous Fat?

I am a 33 y/o man and I like my physique. I am about 148 lbs and 5-11". I do not feel fat, however, I do feel "skinny-fat" where I have some... READ MORE

What Does Tough Fat Have to Do with the Results of Triplex Laser Lipo?

I was having my triplex laser lipo done, the doctor came out and told her "Hey Chelsea, he's doing fine, it's just taking us a little longer because... READ MORE

Asian male recently underwent airsculpt lipo. Is 1100cc a good amount to have taken out?

I'm asian male 29 5'7 164 lbs just got an airsculpt lipo on my full abdomen (Upper, lower&flanks)&chest. The ps took about a little less than 1100 cc... READ MORE

What is my best option for getting rid of double chin? Am I a candidate for Laser Lipo? (photos)

Seems to be less invasive... I'm 33 and recently lost about 25 lbs, however it did not help with my double chin much. What would be my best... READ MORE

Best treatment for fat under chin and jawline contouring? Healthy 28yr M, 5'11 -180lb (Photo)

No medical conditions. Looking for some advice related to removing fat under my chin (even had when was considerably thinner at 160 in my younger... READ MORE

Is there and non surgical way to remove neck fat? (photos)

By "non surgical" i mean liposuction,laser or anything that will get my in a hospital/doctor's office basically is there a cream/gel/ and/or exercises... READ MORE

Is it possible and safe to do Laser Liposuction in the lower stomach of an elder male?

I have gotten fat and i have pockets of fat in my groin area that is uncomfortable and has caused other problems. is it realistic for a 63 year old... READ MORE

How many treatment with Lipo laser do I need to loss 70lbs ? (photos)

How many treatment with Lipo laser do I need to loss 70lbs and how long will it take to loss that amount of weight... Right now I'm 225 and I'm 28... READ MORE

I m having a second procedure for male chest laser lipo, i want to know, is the recovery quicker than the previous!

I want to know after the second procedure will the recovery be quicker as i have had it done before? Is 400 grams of fat allot for a male from chest?... READ MORE

Would laser liposuction be a good course of action, to get rid of the chest and lower abdominal fat I have? (photos)

I have lost 75 pounds within the last year, now enlisted in the us army. I train extremely hard. But could never seem to get rid of the fat in my... READ MORE

Are Nerve Damage and Hair Removal Side Effects of Laser Lipolysis?

I am considering Acculift and am a 35 year old male. I have some Fat grafts that were done and have grown, and this seems like the perfect way to... READ MORE

What are the side effects in liposuction at buttocks? (Photo)

I am a guy aged 23 from India. There is nothing called fat in my body except buttocks. As a result I am having a worst shape of my body. The entire... READ MORE

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