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How Many Laser Fat Removal Treatment Sessions Are Generally Required to See Results?

Would just one treatment be a waste of money or would results be seen with just one? I am not overweight, I just cannot get rid of my love-handles... READ MORE

What is the Best Recommended Diet Before Undergoing a Laser Lipo? Would Atkins Work in This Case?

I am a 28 year old female who has been committed to regular exercise for the past two years yet my weight has been fluctuating. i would like to get... READ MORE

Is There an Age Limit on Getting Laser Lipo?

Can a 70 year old female get laser lipo for love handels READ MORE

Appointment for Laser Lipo is booked for next week. Will swelling be noticeable and when can I dance? (photos)

Having my Abdomen, Arms, Inner Thighs and Love Handles done... My main concern is if the swelling is noticeably visible or its just internal? Also how... READ MORE

Would like to know price estimates. Confused whether I should just get laser liposuction or fat transfer to my buttocks? (photo)

Trouble areas are my stomach, love handles, bra/back fat. I'm 5'1 weigh 140 lbs. sad I know ! I'm too young to spend 8,000+ on my procedure but I... READ MORE

How many sessions of laser lipolysis are needed to improve the appearance of the abdomen and love handles?

How many sessions on average a person needs to improve the appearance of the abdomen and love handles? I am a healthy weight ( 170 cm, 62kg ), but I... READ MORE

Hello I'm confused on which would work better for me, Zerona or Laser Lipo? (photos)

I want to take away my love handles, get a bit of curve and a flatter tummy. READ MORE

Discoloration from Laser Lipo? (photo)

I am a 28 year old healthy woman. I had laser lipo on my love handles back in October 2012 from Sonobello. It was a revision surgery, since there... READ MORE

Is Laser Liposuction a Good Option for Me?

I am 30 years old and in good health. I exercise regularly and am a size 4. No matter what I do - cardio, strength, crossfit, yoga/pilates - I can't... READ MORE

I had laser lipo on my love handles, my compression garment keeps creasing. What can I do to stop the creasing? (photo)

My doctor stressed the importance of keeping my compression garment on and keeping it tight, making sure there are no folds. He said it can cause a... READ MORE

I'm 5 days post op. I wear garments 23 hrs a day. I feel very bloated. Should I be seeing results by now? (Photo)

I got 700ccs removed from love handles upper and lower abs with ab sculpting.Will my results look better than my before photos. Looking at the after... READ MORE

Is it safe to have non-invasive laser lipo 8 weeks after breast augmentation?

Hi there.... I am 8 weeks post BA, under muscle, surgery.... I am wondering if I could do non invasive lipo laser treatment- stomach areas, love... READ MORE

Can I get the laser lipo on the area I had coolsculpting done only 2 months after the coolsculpiting procedure?

I had coolsculpting on my love handles 2 months ago. Don't see a huge difference. But I want to go and get laser lipo, or I should say airsculpting.... READ MORE

Dr removed 700ccs I believe of fluid fat etc. I know is only been one day but I don't see any results. Any suggestions? (photo)

I weigh 168 before laser lipo. Body fat 12%. I got full abs and love handles done with sculpting. In scared i won't see any results because of so... READ MORE

How long before vigorous exercise after lipo?

I'm having laser lipo done on my inner thighs, inner knees, lower and upper abs and love handles. How long (realistically) before I can return to... READ MORE

How long do I have to wait in between surgeries?

I had laser lipo on my back arms and upper abdomen almost two months ago. I would now like a breast lift and liposuction of my lower abdomen and love... READ MORE

28 yr old athletic nurse. Yet I can't lose the belly fat & love handles. Am I a candidate for cool lipo or laser lipo? (Photos)

When I started nursing school I gained about 20 pounds, I lost some of it as well. Now I Weigh 169. I am muscular, but have a layer of fat on me that... READ MORE

I'd like to get it done on my inner upper legs,the upper backside of my legs and my love handles about 3" in each place.

Question about lipo laser How many times would I need to get the lip laser done to get these results? I'm 22 I had a baby 2 years ago. 5'6.5 weight... READ MORE

Is daytime swelling 7-8 weeks post op normal?

I had laser lipo on my flanks/love handles performed over 7 weeks ago. When I get up in the morning it looks okay, with what appears to be minor... READ MORE

I want to get rid of stubborn fat and some loose skin around my belly, what kind of Laser Lipo should I do? (photos)

I am 33 years old man. Since childhood I have a weight problems, I gain weight quickly and very easily, I need to do regular cardio exercise/ strict... READ MORE

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