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How Much Fat Can Be Removed During Laser Liposuction?

Hello. I'm interested in Cool Lipo but I want to know what's the most fat that can be removed at one time? Is there a standard limit, like 20 lbs. or... READ MORE

Can you get laser lipo while pregnant? No surgery.

I was thinking of going to a laser spa and they have laser lipo no surgery. I would really just like to getmt my arms and legs done. Is it safe while... READ MORE

Laser Lipo 6 Months Ago, Now I Have Bumpy Skin Around my Knees; What Can I Do to Improve This? (photo)

I had laser lipo 6 months ago on my flank and legs (inner, outer thigh down to knees), followed by 20 sessions of M6. Flank and top of the legs looks... READ MORE

I Had Laser Lipo 2 Months Ago and Non One Leg Looks Dark Like Deep Bruising is This Normal?

All the obvious bruising is gone but on my left leg there is a dark area about the size of my fist. My left leg also hurt more than my right leg. Is... READ MORE

What to do in my case? (Photos)

Hi I had laser lipo and my legs are ruined.I do have kind of cellulite on my legs and dimples.My skin on my knees in saggy.How is possible to fix it?I... READ MORE

Is Non Invasive Laser Lipo a viable solution to get skinny legs to fit in pants better? (photo)

I naturally have big legs. I was overweight at 5'7 220lbs and after running and dieting, I've slimmed down a lot and now weigh 170lbs. Unfortunately... READ MORE

how do I get rid of these huge lumps and swelling after lazer liposuction and is this normal after 4 weeks (photos)

Please help I have had lazer liposuction 5 weeks ago on the bottom part of my legs which have filled up with huge lumps and painful swelling, I had my... READ MORE

I got Lipo laser on my legs plus my calves and also my arms on August 31st. Can I work at least 8 hours 3 days a week?

Doctor told me to rest for a month and carry anything heavy but I still have to go to class this is my second week after the surgery. I work as a... READ MORE

Stopped my treatment midway (after receiving 1st 4 treatments) now how many additional treatments will I need?

I started my full leg laser treatment in 2014 and got my 4th laser treatment in august 2014. I am an indian with olive skin tone (type 4?) and laser... READ MORE

I need help with shifting my tummy fat, please help! (photos)

I suffer from excessive fat around the belly. I don't feel stressed (I know about cortisol). I eat healthily and exercise 4/5 times a week. I can't... READ MORE

I'd like to get it done on my inner upper legs,the upper backside of my legs and my love handles about 3" in each place.

Question about lipo laser How many times would I need to get the lip laser done to get these results? I'm 22 I had a baby 2 years ago. 5'6.5 weight... READ MORE

What are cavitation, Laser liposuction and RF Slimming?

I am 58 years old mommy wanting to sculpt my fatty arms and legs. My friend recommended cavitation, lazer liposuction and RF Slimming treatment in a... READ MORE

Are there any Doctors in the Seattle area that are accustom Laser Lipo for women diagnosed with Lipedema?

For the last 10 years my Doctor and I have been fighting what we now know is Lipidema in my legs. She suggested I look into a laser type of... READ MORE

Is this fluid normal after lazer liposuction? (Photo)

I have had lazer liposuction on my legs 4 weeks ago and my bottom of my legs are big bumps and my knees are huge with lumps really soar and tight my... READ MORE

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