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How Much Fat Can Be Removed During Laser Liposuction?

Hello. I'm interested in Cool Lipo but I want to know what's the most fat that can be removed at one time? Is there a standard limit, like 20 lbs. or... READ MORE

Laser Lipo 6 Months Ago, Now I Have Bumpy Skin Around my Knees; What Can I Do to Improve This? (photo)

I had laser lipo 6 months ago on my flank and legs (inner, outer thigh down to knees), followed by 20 sessions of M6. Flank and top of the legs looks... READ MORE

What is the best procedure for fat around the knees and saggy skin around the knees? Laser Lipo, laser skin tightening?

I have saggy loose skin around my knees (or fat) that makes me very self conscious- I don't even wear shorts b/c of my fat legs in that area. I wanted... READ MORE

Laser lipo of knees, calves, and ankles. Any suggestions? (photos)

1 yr ago i had lipo of inner/outer thighs & knees. I can see a change in outer thighs and overall legs are slightly smaller but they still look like... READ MORE

Complications from Laser Lipo For Fat Transfer From Knees to Butt?

I had my doctor do some lipo so that he could inject fat into dimples on my butt. My dr. decided to take fat from my knees just minutes before my... READ MORE

how do I get rid of these huge lumps and swelling after lazer liposuction and is this normal after 4 weeks (photos)

Please help I have had lazer liposuction 5 weeks ago on the bottom part of my legs which have filled up with huge lumps and painful swelling, I had my... READ MORE

How long before vigorous exercise after lipo?

I'm having laser lipo done on my inner thighs, inner knees, lower and upper abs and love handles. How long (realistically) before I can return to... READ MORE

Scheduled for laser Lipo on inner, outer thighs as well as my inner knees. I'm worried my butt will look saggy after? (Photos)

I have an hour glass shape to begin with but have bulges(saddle bags) on the outside of my thighs that I just can't get off. I met with a doctor and... READ MORE

I had laser liposuction on my inner thighs and knees 5 days ago and have burning pain. Should I be concerned?

Its particularly bad at night when I'm trying to sleep. My surgeon says it's not typical but should subside with time. I've read that the laser can... READ MORE

I have just had laser lipo on flanks, thighs, inner and outer and knees. I'm worried about swelling on my feet? (photo)

It has been 2 weeks today.the swelling has gone down a lot and I'm not too fussed by the pain,its not too bad now. more specifically one... READ MORE

Laser lipo. It is a possibility? I have bilateral knee replacements.

Would love to have laser lipo on knees and down. However have bilateral knee replacements. Is it a possibility / dream? READ MORE

12 days out from laser Lipo and still leaking - is this normal?

I had my inner thighs and knees done by laser liposuction. I have four incisions going down each leg - starting from my groin area to my knees. The... READ MORE

Can the indentation be fixed through a revision? (photos)

I had knee liposuction 1 year ago .After the surgery i saw that i remained with 2 dents on the upper part of the knee and with 2 saddels of fat in the... READ MORE

What can I do to help with the bruising and swelling post laser lipo to the thighs and knees?

Its only been 5 days but I'm desperate to start healing. Obviously still swollen and the bruising is bad. READ MORE

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