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Options For Lumps And Hardness 3 Weeks Post Laser Lipo To Abdomen? (photo)

I Had Laser Lipo on my Abdomen 3 Weeks Ago. I Have Significant Hardness and Lumps. I've Had Weekly Lymphatic Massages and I really can't tell... READ MORE

A Month After Laser Lipo Suction my Abdomen is Rock Hard and Lumpy.It is Tight and "Pulling" Under the Bust. Is This Normal?

A Month After Laser Lipo Suction my Abdomen is Rock Hard and Lumpy.It is Tight and "Pulling" Under the Bust. Is This Normal?? READ MORE

5 weeks post airsculpt lipo of full abdomen, flanks, lower back-why am I getting bigger? (photos)

36mother of 2-both C secs-did full trunk airsculpt lipo 5 weeks ago. Had over 2000 cc removed. Was thrilled about Day 2 & 1-2 weeks results!... READ MORE

When can I expect my tight & hard muscles to relax after abdomen & flank laser liposuction?

I am one week out from my abdomen & flanks laser liposuction procedure. The results look great but I noticed that on my left side there is a super... READ MORE

I am at 10 days post laser lipo. Would magnesium help to minimize these hard lumps? (Photo)

I am at 10 days post laser lipo and have hard lumps in my stomach area. I was told that magnesium would help minimize them - is this so or what else... READ MORE

Hard swelling around ankle bone

I has surgery to reduce my calves and ankles and after two weeks there is a difference. . But there is a hard swelling l, like putty that will soften... READ MORE

I just need to know, it's bothering me. I did laser liposuction one week and 2 days ago (Photo)

Be specific, my tummy is swelling and hard as a rock, am wearing the compression garment,just want to know if this is normal. Are what can I do to... READ MORE

Should post op swelling be expected after 1 month? (Photo)

I had laser liposuction abt 4.5 wks ago. For the last two weeks I have had some hardness in my stomach. .along with some burning. Today I seem really... READ MORE

Abdominal laser liposuction - abdomen is very hard to touch. (photos)

I had abdominal Laser Lipo one month ago, I was told by the first month results will show 80% results. Based on the photos I'm concerned.... READ MORE

Will laser lipo fix liposuction results? How likely am I to have bad results w/ laser liposuction like I did with regular lipo?

When I got liposuction, my skin darkened severely, it was bumpy for 7 months, hard in many places, and I even developed two perfectly straight and... READ MORE

Will laser lipo be enough to flatten a pseudobursa? (Photos)

The area is hard and often causes me to be bloated. It seems most Drs want to lipo it but from what I understand the best way to deal with it is to... READ MORE

I have a very hard stomach after doing a LipoLaser 3 months ago - is it normal? (Photo)

I am a 47 years old female and I am suffering the hardness of my stomach after Lipo laser 3 months ago. I used to wear garment for one month after... READ MORE

I still have hard lumps in my thighs and stomach 5 years after laser lipo, is that normal?

I massaged daily and used a rolling pin on my thighs (as directed). I had deep tissue massages regularly right after. I drank water and did cardio. Am... READ MORE

I had my laser Lipo done 11 days ago; I feel bruised, I am very swollen and hard?

I feel bruised, I am very swollen and hard??!!! Very itchy!!!?? Should the incisions I mentioned in first question, have healed by now? Is all of this... READ MORE

My results have gotten worse one-month post laser lipo, is this normal? (Photos)

I am one month post laser lipo and my belly has uneven areas and hard spots. I know results take about 3 months but it seems like my results got worse... READ MORE

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