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How Much Fat Can Be Removed During Laser Liposuction?

Hello. I'm interested in Cool Lipo but I want to know what's the most fat that can be removed at one time? Is there a standard limit, like 20 lbs. or... READ MORE

How Does Lipo-Ex Work?

I have been researching Lipo-Ex, and during my consultation, I was told that this procedure is more for treating cellulite and not fat loss. Which is... READ MORE

Would like to know price estimates. Confused whether I should just get laser liposuction or fat transfer to my buttocks? (photo)

Trouble areas are my stomach, love handles, bra/back fat. I'm 5'1 weigh 140 lbs. sad I know ! I'm too young to spend 8,000+ on my procedure but I... READ MORE

Laser Lipo for Slim Built?

Am I still a good canidate for Laser Liposuction if I am of good height and weight? I am slim (100 lbs., 5'). However, I have fats on areas where I... READ MORE

I want to remove a small amount of exercise-resistant fat on my abdomen; what's my best affordable option? (photos)

I'm not looking for massive changes, but I work out/diet a great deal and have a small pocket of resistant fat on my lower abdomen and sides that... READ MORE

What's the best & latest non-invasive treatment for fat reduction?

I recently had a treatment with the new InMode BodyFX. Great results so far. Just wondering what others have experienced and if there's anything... READ MORE

I'm Worried About Getting SmartLipo

I lost a lot of weight, but am unable to lose this very soft fat on my midsection. I'm very active (HIIT, weights and cardio) at least 3 times a week... READ MORE

Can I request how much fat be removed from abdomen with laser Lipo.

Hello, I am very much interested in laser Lipo and ive seen doctors take anywhere from 3 liters of fat out to ( very unhappy patient )1300cc out now... READ MORE

Approximately how many liters of fat can be removed from one area during Laser Liposuction?

I'm doing laser lipo in 5 areas, however after reading up on how much fat can be removed, i'm thinking of reducing the number areas so that i can get... READ MORE

Laser lipo results started off amazing, now look worse. 2 months post-op. (Photos)

Day after lipo, I looked amazing. One month after, I looked amazing. It's now the end of month two and my lower stomach is starting to carry fat like... READ MORE

Does non-invasive laser lipo work? (photos)

Would noninvasive laser lipo help with excessive abdominal fat? I am concerned with dimpling/puckering, discoloration, and risk for burns. READ MORE

Why does it appear I have more fat around my waist line after Lazer Liposuction?

I just had my touch up procedure on Friday. I was not happy with the results from the 1st time. I felt like all the fat drained to the bottom of my... READ MORE

Loose skin, fat or both? I'am considering a form of laser lipo. (photos)

Not sure if this is just loose fat, loose skin or both. but its very discouraging to look at. I seem to have shrunk everywhere else except there.I... READ MORE

Looking for options to get rid of my stomach fat?

I am looking into doing something that can help me get rid of my stomach fat, and I would like to know if my insurance would cover. I'm 21 years old... READ MORE

Concerned that I did not have enough fat removed in my laser lipo procedure. Any suggestions?

I am 5'4 and 185 lbs. My surgeon removed 1600cc of fat two weeks ago and I am concerned that maybe it wasn't enough, especially considering how much I... READ MORE

Is one and a half pounds enough fat to remove from the abdomen through laser liposuction for a 5'6" 140 lb woman? (photo)

I had 1.5 lb of fat removed through laser liposuction about 5 wks ago (pre and post pics below). I still can't fit in my pre-op clothes and I look... READ MORE

Is there and non surgical way to remove neck fat? (photos)

By "non surgical" i mean liposuction,laser or anything that will get my in a hospital/doctor's office basically is there a cream/gel/ and/or exercises... READ MORE

Groupon laser lipo (2 sessions). (photos)

Hi- i am 125 Lbs 3 kids and just want to reduce my belly fat. I know i can do this by eating right and gym but i have no time. I dont really wanna... READ MORE

I need help with shifting my tummy fat, please help! (photos)

I suffer from excessive fat around the belly. I don't feel stressed (I know about cortisol). I eat healthily and exercise 4/5 times a week. I can't... READ MORE

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