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How Much Fat Can Be Removed During Laser Liposuction?

Hello. I'm interested in Cool Lipo but I want to know what's the most fat that can be removed at one time? Is there a standard limit, like 20 lbs. or... READ MORE

How Does Lipo-Ex Work?

I have been researching Lipo-Ex, and during my consultation, I was told that this procedure is more for treating cellulite and not fat loss. Which is... READ MORE

Laser Lipo for Slim Built?

Am I still a good canidate for Laser Liposuction if I am of good height and weight? I am slim (100 lbs., 5'). However, I have fats on areas where I... READ MORE

Would like to know price estimates. Confused whether I should just get laser liposuction or fat transfer to my buttocks? (photo)

Trouble areas are my stomach, love handles, bra/back fat. I'm 5'1 weigh 140 lbs. sad I know ! I'm too young to spend 8,000+ on my procedure but I... READ MORE

I want to remove a small amount of exercise-resistant fat on my abdomen; what's my best affordable option? (photos)

I'm not looking for massive changes, but I work out/diet a great deal and have a small pocket of resistant fat on my lower abdomen and sides that... READ MORE

What's the best & latest non-invasive treatment for fat reduction?

I recently had a treatment with the new InMode BodyFX. Great results so far. Just wondering what others have experienced and if there's anything... READ MORE

I'm Worried About Getting SmartLipo

I lost a lot of weight, but am unable to lose this very soft fat on my midsection. I'm very active (HIIT, weights and cardio) at least 3 times a week... READ MORE

Approximately how many liters of fat can be removed from one area during Laser Liposuction?

I'm doing laser lipo in 5 areas, however after reading up on how much fat can be removed, i'm thinking of reducing the number areas so that i can get... READ MORE

Why does it appear I have more fat around my waist line after Lazer Liposuction?

I just had my touch up procedure on Friday. I was not happy with the results from the 1st time. I felt like all the fat drained to the bottom of my... READ MORE

Is there and non surgical way to remove neck fat? (photos)

By "non surgical" i mean liposuction,laser or anything that will get my in a hospital/doctor's office basically is there a cream/gel/ and/or exercises... READ MORE

Does non-invasive laser lipo work? (photos)

Would noninvasive laser lipo help with excessive abdominal fat? I am concerned with dimpling/puckering, discoloration, and risk for burns. READ MORE

Loose skin, fat or both? I'am considering a form of laser lipo. (photos)

Not sure if this is just loose fat, loose skin or both. but its very discouraging to look at. I seem to have shrunk everywhere else except there.I... READ MORE

Looking for options to get rid of my stomach fat?

I am looking into doing something that can help me get rid of my stomach fat, and I would like to know if my insurance would cover. I'm 21 years old... READ MORE

Is one and a half pounds enough fat to remove from the abdomen through laser liposuction for a 5'6" 140 lb woman? (photo)

I had 1.5 lb of fat removed through laser liposuction about 5 wks ago (pre and post pics below). I still can't fit in my pre-op clothes and I look... READ MORE

Concerned that I did not have enough fat removed in my laser lipo procedure. Any suggestions?

I am 5'4 and 185 lbs. My surgeon removed 1600cc of fat two weeks ago and I am concerned that maybe it wasn't enough, especially considering how much I... READ MORE

Can I request how much fat be removed from abdomen with laser Lipo.

Hello, I am very much interested in laser Lipo and ive seen doctors take anywhere from 3 liters of fat out to ( very unhappy patient )1300cc out now... READ MORE

I had lip fat transfer that has migrated to philtrum. Can laser liposuction be used to get rid of the fat lumps in the philtrum?

In 2012 I had fat transfers to my upper lip. Unfortunately over the years I realized I now have lumps of fat in my philtrum bordering my lips. I... READ MORE

I want to remove fat from my abdomen and back. Any suggestions? (photos)

What is the limit.How much it will cost.and in India where it can be done.please reply READ MORE

Where can I get a fair quote for Laser Liposuction?

Hey real self team, This is Salma, my tt finally healed well, but now i need a laser liposunction of my abdomen the fat that was not complete removed... READ MORE

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