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Does Yolo Curve Work on Upper Abdominal?

Sp on the top bulge (below breast and above belly button) after abdominoplasty lower is nice and flat READ MORE

Is There an Age Limit on Getting Laser Lipo?

Can a 70 year old female get laser lipo for love handels READ MORE

Will Fat Cavitation Work for Women with PCOS?

For women who find it difficult to lose weight with PCOS. Will you see result with the ultrasound Fat cavitation/Laser liposuction? READ MORE

Can Radio Frequency Assisted Lipo (RFAL) Work on the Thighs and Abdomen for Someone Who Does Not Have a Lot of Fat to Lose?

I am 55, 4' 11" and weigh about 114. I've worked out most of my life and stayed around 108 lbs, even had a six-pack until about a year ago when I... READ MORE

Hi i would like to know if you have a fatty liver can you do Laser lipoSuction?

I know that the fat goes through the liver, but it gets flushed when u drink lots of water... This liposuction there is no cutting.... READ MORE

Can you get laser lipo while pregnant? No surgery.

I was thinking of going to a laser spa and they have laser lipo no surgery. I would really just like to getmt my arms and legs done. Is it safe while... READ MORE

I Weigh 13 Stone (182lb) and Exercising Isn't Working. Can I Have Laser Lipo?

Iv recently had a baby and now weigh 13 stone maybe even 14, iv exercised and main tained a healthy diet but can not seem to lose weight. would i be... READ MORE

Am I an Ideal Mini Laser Lipo Candidate? (photo)

I am 123 lbs 5 ft 2 21 year old woman. I exercise probably four times a week to achieve a curvy hourglass figure. The thing is I naturally have... READ MORE

Laser Lipo 1 Year After Chemotherapy (Lymphoma in Remission)

I had ovarian lymphoma treated with surgery and chemotherapy but no radiation 1 year ago. I am in complete remission. My tummy markedly changed after... READ MORE

What Are the Qualities to Have for a Good Laser Liposuction Candidate?

My dermatologist says that i am not a good candidate coz i weight 65 kg and i don't have enough blood cells and it might be dangerous. Is it true? READ MORE

Am I a candidate for an Airsculpt laser to get rid of my tummy?

I know I would probably get a better result with a tummy tuck, but I don't want to go though the whole healing process, what realistic results can I... READ MORE

After the BBL Via the Traditional Method,can I Get Laser Lipo Where Fat Was Taken?

So I am very interested in getting the Brazilian butt lift with fat removed from my upper body via the traditional liposuction method. I would like to... READ MORE

Can a 13 Yrs Old Girl Have Laserlipo?

My daughter is 13 yrs and weight 170 lbs. I really want go know if she can have the laser lipo READ MORE

Do I qualify for lipo laser? (Photo)

I have strength marks, my height is 5'2 and my weight 133. READ MORE

Can I Have Laser Lipo if I've Had Skin Cancer?

Can I Have Laser Lipo if I've Had Skin Cancer? READ MORE

Can I Get Laser Lipsuction with Low Blood Platelets?

I am young and healthy but my bloodn platelets r lower then normal but not savere. will i b able to get lazer liposuction still? READ MORE

I Am 5ft 6 and 16st 7lb is It Possible to Have Laser Liposuction?

I am 5ft 6 and 16st 7lb is it possible to have laser liposuction READ MORE

Is laser lipo a good option for me?

I'm 27 and 240 lbs. My ideal weight is 155-160 lbs. I dont exercise alot but i need something to help me initiate the weight loss so i can have more... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Laser Lipo?

Hi im 28 years old 163cm and my weight is 124kg,I want to know if im a candidate for laser lipo because all my body is fat noy just one specific area... READ MORE

Will laser lipo help me? I can't afford a tummy tuck (Photo)

Please help I've got little money saved for smart lipo laser but can't afford tummy tuck but need my confidence back this flap bothers me so bad will... READ MORE

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