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Multiple Skin Folds Under Buttocks (Banana Folds) After Liposuction - Can It Be Corrected? (photo)

Hello - I had laser liposuction done 1 1/2 years go for my thighs and saddlebag and was pretty pleased with how much smaller my thighs looked as I had... READ MORE

Multiple Areas at the Same Time With Laser Lipo?

With Laser Lipo, can Inner thighs, knees, butt and stomach all be done in one operation? Or is it dangerous?   READ MORE

I'm 6 mths post op LaserLipo to my outer thighs. Now my butt has a fold over my upper thighs. How can this be fixed? (photos)

6 months ago i had a laserlipo in my outer thighs. I guess the Dr. took too much fat from my banana roll, and the result now is that my buttock falls... READ MORE

Would like to know price estimates. Confused whether I should just get laser liposuction or fat transfer to my buttocks? (photo)

Trouble areas are my stomach, love handles, bra/back fat. I'm 5'1 weigh 140 lbs. sad I know ! I'm too young to spend 8,000+ on my procedure but I... READ MORE

How long should I wait after laser liposuction to get more? Can the fat be used to transfer to my butt?

I got laser lipo about 8-9 weeks ago outer thigh flanks upper and lower abdomen no result i am the same weight so i havent gained any fat and i want... READ MORE

How long before skin tightening occurs? Does the fat leave the body over time or is it only what's removed during surgery?

I have had laser lipo 2 weeks ago and am yet to notice results. My bruising and swelling has gone. I am not a large person but I had inner and outer... READ MORE

I had laser lipo done and now 1 month later my hips are huge! (Photo)

I had lipo done on my upper & lower abs & waist 6 wks ago (the doctor talked me out of getting my hips done).4wks ago I had my arms,back bra rolls &... READ MORE

Can a 13 year old girl get laser lipo for banana rolls? (photos)

My daughter is turning 13 this May, and she's always had these stubborn pockets of fat underneath her buttocks, ever since she was a baby. She always... READ MORE

Secondary gluteal crease after butt lipo. Uneven result after tummy tuck. Irregularities at thighs after liposuction. (photos)

Mini tuck+laser lipo tummy, flanks, inner thighs, buttocks on 07/01/16. Secondary gluteal crease has developed. Inner thighs uneven, dent leads to... READ MORE

How many sessions to see results?

How many laser liposuction treatments does it take to see results for a woman age 31, 140 lbs, 5.7 height, on the buttock aera READ MORE

I carry a lot of extra weight on my stomach and some on my inner thighs and bottom. Will laser lipo have a noticeable affect?

I am currently 4' 11" and I weight 145lbs, and I seem to carry most of my extra weight in my stomach. I have lost 25lbs on my own so far but even... READ MORE

What are the side effects in liposuction at buttocks? (Photo)

I am a guy aged 23 from India. There is nothing called fat in my body except buttocks. As a result I am having a worst shape of my body. The entire... READ MORE

Is this what I need? Laser Lipo on buttocks, inner and outer thigh, & chest. Lower buttocks lift through the crease. (photo)

Throughout the years I have lost over 65 pounds and gained a lot of muscle. I am satisfied with my body however my buttocks and flank area are still... READ MORE

Which area of butt should addressed first for laser liposuction? (photos)

Hi,I'm tall girl with weight 80 kg.i want to get rid of this big butt but confuse on which area of butt s should be liposuctioned first? My surgeon... READ MORE

Laser lipo and bike riding. Will this be possible or will I be too swollen and sore?

I'm having laser lipo to my flanks, the bubble on my bumm, and calves. I also am schedule to ride in a 65 mile charity bike ride 2 weeks later.  READ MORE

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