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Is My Appearance At This Point Normal 5 Days Post Op? (photo)

Hello...I had upper and lower abs done along with my flanks...looking at pic's now..I should of done back due to bra looking at my pic's do... READ MORE

Laser Lipo 1 Year After Chemotherapy (Lymphoma in Remission)

I had ovarian lymphoma treated with surgery and chemotherapy but no radiation 1 year ago. I am in complete remission. My tummy markedly changed after... READ MORE

I Lost Inches Using LLLT, but 3 Months Later, I Gained Unexplained Weight. What Could Have Happened?

When it comes to weight, I am very "detailed". I am 48 and have worked hard to remain within a 2-lb swing of 110 lbs for 30 years. In Oct & Nov... READ MORE

50 yr old pre Neck Lift by Lipo Laser, based on my photos, do you think this is the right procedure for me? (photos)

I'm over 50 and I'm going to be doing the neck lipo/lazer procedure to conture the neck and slightly tighten the skin. These are my before pictures.... READ MORE

I am 50 years old. Can I have laser liposuction to remove fat from under my chin? (Photo)

I do not want a facelift. Inquiring about liposuction of the neck and chin and if I would be a good candidate. Thanks so much! READ MORE

If I Have the Laser Surgery on my Stomach, How Long Will I Be Down and Will It Leave a Scar?

I am 53 yrs old and I want a flat stomach. I can't do crunches or situps because I was in a car wreck. I just want to be sexy again and get my life... READ MORE

Can I get Laser Lipo in abs without a Tummy Tuck? Can I have Breast Lift, Liposuction & Butt Lift in one surgery? (photos)

Im 47yr old female, going through menopause, not on hormones, working out and eating clean helps symptoms. I have 4 grown kids. I started working out... READ MORE

Just saw a video of a doctor in Beverly Hills using air laser lipo technique. Does it work?

50 year old with some cellulite on thighs that is just getting worse with age. I work out 5 days a week and my legs are muscular but the cellulite is... READ MORE

I have a very hard stomach after doing a LipoLaser 3 months ago - is it normal? (Photo)

I am a 47 years old female and I am suffering the hardness of my stomach after Lipo laser 3 months ago. I used to wear garment for one month after... READ MORE

I'm 48 years old and had abdominal and back laser lipo 3 weeks ago. Will these bumps go away?

My back looks fine but my abs there are parts that are swollen and I bumps or indentation Will these bumps go away? If so, how long? Or have I've been... READ MORE

What is the difference between Laser Lipo and Total Lipo? (Photos)

I am a 45+ female, about 15 lbs-20 lbs overweight and would like some skin toning and fat removal. I don't really want to do something invasive. I'm... READ MORE

Will laser liposuction make my stomach flat and will skin elasticity by an issue? (Photo)

I've included a photo showing the rolls of abdominal fat that bother me. Can laser liposuction make my stomach flat? Is skin elasticity a concern? I'm... READ MORE

I'm 49, 5'4", and 136lbs with some stubborn fat around my mid section. What minimally invasive lipo procedure is best? (photo)

I have been reviewing Laser (Vader) Lipo and it appears there's many to choose from. I work out 3-4X a week (Orange Theory) and I have not... READ MORE

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