Yag + Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal Side Burns for Brown Skin?

I am asian indian with brown skin. I have got YAG laser on my upper lip (6 sessions) and side burns (3-4 sessions) a couple of years back. I get upper... READ MORE

No Protective Eyewear Provided During GentleYAG Laser Hair Removal Treatment on Chin?

Went to a supposedly experienced MD (cosmetic/laser dermatologist) for laser hair removal on my chin. She treated my type IV skin for the first time... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Burn - Should I Switch to a Yag Laser?

I am a Fitz IV and I've just have just had one session of the diode lightsheer on my chin,lip and neck. I got badly burned on the chin and neck but... READ MORE

I had Laser hair removal on hairline and sideburns. Any suggestions on Yag lasers? (photos)

I just got laser hair removal on my hairline and sideburns. I am Mexican and so I have medium/brown skin. They used the alexandrite laser on me, Is... READ MORE

If I don't shave before laser hair removal what's the worse that can happen ? Please I have to know if the technician is wrong

When i went in for my consulatation today at a new facility I was told to NOT shave the area I'm getting lasered because the technician said she... READ MORE

No hair shed after 1st laser hair treatment w/ Nd Yag laser. None of the hair shed since a week of the 1st treatment.Suggestion?

No hair shed after first laser hair treatment with Nd Yag laser. None of the hair shed since a week of the first treatment is this normal? I hope I am... READ MORE

Is ND Yag Laser Really Effective on Indian Skin?

I am from India and have brown skin and dark hair. I have had at least 9 sessions of laser hair removal on my leg. I still have hair growth, may be... READ MORE

When Using YAG, What Would Be the Right Fluence (Energy) in Terms of Joules Per Cm2?

Will This Fluence Differe According to the area that you want to treat? I paid for 7 sessions to treat my whole body. I have an olive skin tone (a... READ MORE

Will my Laser Hair Removal Burn Heal Without Scars? (photo)

I had a treatment for laser hair removal a yesterday and am very worried i may be permanently scared or discoloured. I guess the dueto laser (alex+... READ MORE

What do I need to do, to if not fix, then minimize the appearance of the scar? (photos)

Hello Doctors! 3 weeks ago I had a laser hair removal session go very wrong. What was supposed to be a 10 minute treatment left me swollen, blistered... READ MORE

I have olive skin, what type of laser is recommended for brazilian hair removal?

I'm looking into getting laser hair removal for a brazilian and I'm having a hard time deciding to go with the Candela GentleYag or the Palomar. I'm... READ MORE

What is more effective in reducing hair, ND Yag or the Lightsheer Duet Diode laser?

I have heard good things about both lasers. But I want to get my money's worth. Which is better in removing the hair quick and effectively? I have a... READ MORE

I have Asian skin and I want to know which laser tech is the best for hair reduction?

Cz almost every clinic that I call and visit would say that their machine is the best, last clinic I went to ,the doctor there was using cynosure with... READ MORE

I Have Skin Type 3/4 and Would Like to Do Laser Hair Removal. Is There a Difference Better Diode or the Nd:YAG?

I have thick black hair so am unsure which treatment is most effective? I understand that a longer wave length is more suitable as I have a darker... READ MORE

While doing research, I came across a new type of laser machine called the eVo Velocity 810. Is it effective?

The eVo Velocity 810 claims to be the 'king of laser hair removal equipment'. It claims to be painless, FDA approved and treats all 6 skin types. The... READ MORE

Can the inflammation of the hair follicle after laser hair removal cause hyperpigmentation?

I have brown skin and I am scheduled to have laser hair removal using the YAG laser which is supposed to be good for dark skin. I know that temporary... READ MORE

Laser Burn on Labia. Will It Remain White? (photo)

This is how my labia looks like 5 days after laser hair removal nd yag machine. Will this heal and get back to a darker colour? READ MORE

How can I prevent hives, rash or bumps after laser hair removal? Can I pre-treat with something?

I am going to start laser hair removal using the YAG laser. I have darker olive skin and the YAG is supposed to be safe for dark skin. I was told that... READ MORE

What is the Ideal Setting for Hair Removal with YAG on Type IV Skin? (photo)

Are the settings being used on me too low? (Fluence 14, spot 18mm, duration 10ms, 2Hz) I have naturally light caramel colored mediterranean skin, fall... READ MORE

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